Kip's Piks: Conference Finals

Sorry I didn't get this out sooner, to whoever was actually following my feud with my dog. I was unable to upload the video clip of Kip making his picks but he ended up taking the Canucks and the Lightning.

At the end of the second round I am currently up 38-31 on him. As of now his Vancouver pick looks pretty good because I went with the Sharks, and I also went with the Bolts, so our picks cancel out.

So far Kip has picked five out of twelve series right so far, so basically one under 0.500. Not bad considering he's a dog, but he'll have to pick it up if he wants to win. I have picked eight out of twelve correct.

What I am going to do for the Finals to make it interesting is have us both pick who will win the series, but also get points for every game guessed correct. So basically the same selection process will take place for every game before the series plays out. We will also pick one player each from the final two teams in case of a tie breaker (whoever gets the most points).

We'll see if the mangy mutt can catch me!

Kyle Busch