Kip's Piks: The Next Animal Hockey Psychic?

TSN's retired psychic Maggie the Monkey

There have been so many analysts talking about who's going to win and what will happen in this year's Stanley Cup playoffs. This includes everyone here as well as me. I decided to see if my knowledge of hockey is greater than or less than that of someone who doesn't follow hockey; my dog.

Now, there have also been countless animals that have "predicted" wins the playoffs, such as TSN's Maggie the Monkey and the FIFA World Cup had Paul the Octopus. Lifetime Maggie went 45-45 for a 50% success rate while Paul was 8-0 in 2010. Combined with a 4-2 record in 2008, Paul is 12-2 lifetime.

Paul the Octopus went 8-0 in the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Meet our dog Kipling, Kip for short (it sounds slightly less feminine). He is a two year old mutt we picked up from the Humane Society as a pup. Apparently he has some German Shepherd, Border Collie, Husky and Chow in him (he has a purple tongue). The coolest thing about this guy is that sometimes I go outside in the front and play some driveway hockey. If I say the word "Hockey" he tilts his head to one side, kind of like he's saying, "Excuse me? What did you just say?" Then we go out and we have a one on one game. So in essence, my dog loves hockey. I'm trying to teach him to watch with me but that might be pushing it.

The only Phoenix fan on the planet

So where am I going with this? Well, every year we have a family pool in which everyone involved picks a team from every matchup in the playoffs. However many wins the team gets is however many points the person gets. That way the pool is always very tight and usually comes down to two or three people for the win depending on their Cup Finals picks.

We had always noticed how terrible my mom was at picking the winners, so we decided to enter Kip into the pool. It turned out that he was in the top three after the first round, but faltered later on. One year later, Kip's hockey knowledge has vastly improved. He is a Phoenix Coyotes fan (he kind of looks like a coyote, and really, he doesn't look like any other team logo so what the heck, right?) and always picks them to win. He was pretty pissed with me last year when my Wings beat his Coyotes. He didn't talk to me for a week (let that joke sink in). Just for being a good sport, I think I'm going to get him a Yotes dog collar for his birthday.

This is how it works: we have a deck of cards with each teams' logo on it. We set down each matchup individually and put a treat on each of them. We put Kip the same distance away and let him pick which card/team he wants. This year I want to see if he can beat me. I will write down my picks as well as Kip's each round of the playoffs and someone will be crowned the champion. If you guys want to follow along, the articles will be called Kip's Piks. It's a play on words. Pik is Kip backwards (let that joke sink in as well).

Kyle Busch


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I have a feeling he's gonna beat me lol. I'm gonna have to record him making his picks so everyone can see.