Kip's Piks: Round Two

Round One Recap:

Kip's Piks: Chicago, San Jose, Phoenix, Anaheim, New York, Buffalo, Boston, Tampa Bay
Kyle's Picks: Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Anaheim, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Tampa Bay

Round One Points: Kyle - 27, Kip - 21

After the first round, I have to say Kip made some bad picks, but you have to be ballsy to win and he definitely was. I picked five of the eight series correctly, the only ones that were wrong were Anaheim, Chicago and Los Angeles. Ironic that I follow the Western Conference more and only got 25% right and went four for four in the East, right?

On to the second round! Kip made his picks and he didn't have a shortage of upsets:

Me, on the other hand, went with these:


VAN vs NSH: Seeing that Vancouver struggled against Chicago, why not Nashville? The Predators are an underdog already, knocking out Anaheim, so I expect them to give Vancouver a rough series. Vancouver probably learned their lesson from screwing around with the Blackhawks, but then again, they've been a top team for a few years now and can't get past the second round.

Canucks in 6.

SJ vs DET: Have you seen the way Detroit has been playing? Exactly, which is why it will be no different against San Jose. The players came out and said they were out for revenge from last year, something you don't hear a lot of from the Red Wings. San Jose has a great top line, but so does Detroit, and the Wings are better defensively. Factor in the goalies and I think Detroit takes this one.

Red Wings in 7.


WSH vs TB: Looking into my crystal ball, I think Washington chokes again. Vinny Lecavalier and Steven Stamkos haven't shown up yet in the playoffs, so now would be a good time. THe Bolts big defenceman will have to crash and bang everything that moves and make the Caps hurt. The fact that people underestimate Dwayne Roloson is always nice, because he proves you wrong a lot. I think Ovie and the Caps hit a wall.

Lightning in 7.

PHI vs BOS: Watching the MTL-BOS series, I didn't think Boston was too special. They were sloppy up the ice and I didn't see any flow to their game. Philly struggled with Buffalo, but the Sabres were in essence a higher seed than a 7 because of the way they finished the year. I think the Flyers take out the B's for a second year in a row.

Flyers in 6.

Let's see how the mangy mutt does against me this round!

Kyle Busch


George Prax's picture

I think I picked everything that Kip picked. Hope he's right Smile

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Haha! Well we'll see. He's got a lot of catching up to do. But is San Jose keeps demolishing Detroit I might be in trouble!

George Prax's picture

Like I said in your other blog, they're going to to turn it around. Even if they lose, it won't be in a sweep. this is going at least six if not seven.