Fixing the Mess: Gilmour a Simple Solution?

I can't believe I'm writing a Leafs topic, but I had to say something about this Kessel-Wilson quote war. If a player and a coach don;t speak, there's a problem. The coach's job is to communicate with the team, and if this doesn't happen, even with one player, the team crumbles. The Leafs are a perfect example.

But I don't want to debate whether or not it was Kessel's fault or Wilson's fault. I don't really care who's to blame to be honest. But what I did realize is that the Leafs need something new like Kessel said. Let's get crazy here. Hypothetically, let's say Wilson gets canned at the end of the season (that would never happen would it?).

The most obvious solution is to get rid of the guy on the left and hire the guy on the right:


That's right, hire Doug Gilmour as the next Toronto Maple Leafs coach. Why not? The guy has been coaching the Kingston Frontenacs of the OHL for three years now, and he turned that mess of a team around. So I'm betting he could turn it around here. I can't really define 'turn it around' as the Leafs have a certain enigmatic aura about them when it comes to the regular standings; they're either 14th or 15th. Sorry but it's the truth.

But what I'm saying is Gilmour is a folk-hero in Toronto. He was loved by the fans and when you think of Toronto Maple Leaf hockey, do you think of Nikolai Kulemin, Dion Phaneuf or Clarke MacArthur? Not for me, I think Doug Gilmour.

He could handle the media in Toronto and would give the Leafs fans someone that they could relate to as coach. I would compare him to Dan Bylsma in a sense that they both were former players that played with a chip on their shoulder and they bring it to their coaching styles as well.

Let's fly off the handle too. Assistant coaches. Get Wendel back in the fold. If there's a guy that isn't hustling for Wendel Clark, who the heck will?

Clark is employed by the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club as a community ambassador and public relations, so for the love of God, get him behind the bench! Motivation wouldn't be an issue. Having Gilmour and Clark behind the bench could stop the rotating door of coaches in Toronto and supply the players with coaches they want to play for.

Kyle Busch


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Yea, how about the Leafs give up on some more staff? It's a great idea! It's what they always do... it's gotten rthem into this mess, so lets keep doing it!

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as a wings fan i couldnt care less, but at this point anything is better than what they have.