Flyers / Pens Game 4 ECQF: Flyers Look To Clean Up Penguins With A Sweep


The Philadelphia Flyers enter game four of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals with a chance to sweep the much-maligned Pittsburgh Penguins, a team the smany experts picked to face the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals.


That prediction looks a little far-fetched as both the Pens and the President Trophy winning Canucks are down 3-0 in their perspective series.


The Flyers have given their fans a reason to break out the brooms for Game four, and gave themselves a chance to complete a playoff series sweep for the first time since the 1994-95 season when they downed the Buffalo Sabres in four. 


The Flyers have been up three games-to-none in a best-of-seven playoff series 11 times in their history, they have won game four in three of those series (73-74,74-75,94-95), completing the sweep. 


The Flyers as a franchise have never lost a series where they had a three games to none lead. They also know from experience that anything can trigger a come back attempt and how hard it is to accomplish. 


It has only been done three times in NHL history, the most recent by the Flyers in 2010 against the Bruins. That comeback was actually sparked by Mike Richards who delivered a center ice hit on David Krejci in game 3, breaking his wrist and sending him out for the rest of the playoffs. The Bruins won Game 3 by a score of 4-1 and was their last win of the series.


If the Penguins were trying to do that last game they went about it all wrong as they lost their composure as a team.


Asham is not so much of a loss for the Pens but losing Neal is, and throws a wrench into any comeback thought the Penguins may have had.


Don't expect this game to be as undisciplined as Game 3, the Flyers will try to take the high road and finish this series off without giving the Penguins any hope by taking cheap shot penalties.


There will be a time and place for pay backs, just don't expect it to happen this season. The biggest concern out there for Game 4 is the extra break between the two games.


Who does this break benefit the most? Does it give the Penguins extra time to regroup? Do the Flyers cool off and their hot offense turn cold? 


One fact that should be considered is the Penguins are 0-6 in their last six playoff games. Are they due for one? 




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It's not over until we win a 4th. I don't like seeing phrases like "all wrapped up" and "in the bag". Bryz has to stop the ugly rebounds. Let's come out the more composed team, put some goals in the net, and PLEASE, someone drill Crysby! Happy birthday Hartnell.