Book Review: The Complete Hockey Dictionary

The Complete Hockey Dictionary

Author: Andrew Podnieks
ISBN 1-55168-309-1
247 Pages
Published by: Fenn Publishing Company Ltd.

Did you ever wonder what an "Oilman" was? Did you know that the Winnipeg Victorias were Stanley Cup Champions in 1896, 1901, and 1902? I bet you never knew that Collaring was a type of penalty, similar to holding, from the 19th Century. How about sorrel-topped (red-headed) or baffle-play (fast deke)?

The prolific writer Andrew Podnieks adds another selection to the hockey book library by compiling the definitions of the game of hockey. In the introduction, Podnieks states that "...a few words or phrases may have slipped through the cracks;". I must say that the collection is comprehensive. I could only think of one phrase that should have been added, a Bob Cole gem, Oh Baby!

The examples cited and the depth of the project is apparent. The book is an excellent resource for both the novice and the hockey expert. By the way, the Oilman is an archaic term for trainer.

Rating: 4 pucks out of 5


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Welcome aboard Lowell. This looks like an interesting book, and looking on Amazon it's only 20 bucks. Might be a good christmas gift for a few people Smile