Book Review: The Little Book of Hockey Sweaters

A trip to Chapters inevitably means a browse through the bargain section. Through the years I've been able to find some real gems. Of course I'm looking for hockey books. On my last trip to Chapters I was able to secure the The Little Book of Hockey Sweaters. This is another contribution to the hockey book bibliography by the prolific Andrew Podnieks and illustrated by Roy Hynes. Seeing as the price was only $3.99 this was a win-win situation. The book is aptly named. It is a little book, tiny as a matter of fact, however the stories are interesting.

The premise of the book is to explain the origins of certain players jersey numbers. For example when Kevin Weekes was traded to the Rangers, he wanted 00 as his number. This was his number in minor hockey. He was denied by the NHL because their software package for compiling statistics would not accept 00 as a valid entry. I messaged Kevin on twitter, @KevinWeekes, and he verified the story. As it turns out, John Davidson and Martin Biron had both worn 00 in the past.

Another story, I found very interesting is the fact that Eddie Shack wore the number 23 because it looked like his initials, upside down. Each story about a player's number is just a page in length. On the opposite page there is a cheesy cartoon of the player. There are around 100 stories in the book from throughout the 117 year history of the NHL. For the price I paid, the book provided some good 'library' reading. Nevertheless, this selection is certainly not a classic nor a must have for the hockey fan.

Rating: 3/5 Pucks


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LOL it's a penny on Amazon... definitely going to look out for this at Chapters. Good stuff man.