Lindros Return In The Works?

Monday night, Justin Johnson broke his exclusive one-on-one interview with Eric Lindros. Involved in the interview was a few interesting answers about a possible return for the Winter Classic alumni game. 

It certainly caught many by surprise, seeing as how the Flyers have basically cut ties with Lindros over recent years. Needless to say, things didn't end well. 

But that was then.

Whether or not Lindros plays is yet to be seen, but the discussion around it brings about one glaring fact; Lindros should be welcomed back to the organization with open arms.

Time has passed since the franchise cut ties with Lindros and at this point whatever baggage is still around should become bygones.

For 'legions' of Flyers fans, Lindros is the reason they became a fan of the Orange and Black. For time to go by with no real connection between the once-dominant superstar and the organization is sad. Furthermore, there's no reason that time should be extended. 

In the very least, it's a positive that general manager Paul Holmgren has spoken with Lindros about potentially returning. With the festivities of the Winter Classic being in Philadelphia this year, it would be a perfect time for a reunion of Lindros and his fans. 

Enough time has passed.

Hopefully, he'll come back. Finally.


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Matthew Brigidi's picture

I would do any thing to see the Legion play one more shift together....ESPECIALLY AGAINST THE RANGERS. '97 glory.

Mark Trible's picture

I think many would agree with you, Matt

John Saquella's picture

CSN has been showing that 1997 playoff game...It was so incredible seeing Lindros and LeClair together. I'd love to see a reunion at the WC with the Legion.

John Russo's picture

A Legion reunion would be magical

George Prax's picture

*insert concussion joke here*

Rob McGowan's picture

I'm with you though, Mark. Seeing that line together, against the Rangers in an alumni game would be something else. Like you said, enough time has passed and the people that were at the herald at the time of Lindros' departure aren't there anymore. It be best to let it go and have a fun evening of old time Flyers/Rangers hockey.

...I just said that didn't I? I think I'm going to be sick.