A New Breakthrough In Pain Management, and What it Means for Hockey Players

For hockey fans, there is a certain sense of despair when a player loses significant time to injury. This feeling becomes especially noticeable when a player’s injury comes during the playoffs, especially if his team gets eliminated. There is a lot of information readily available about new surgical techniques and other diagnostic tools such as sharper MRI or CAT scan. That being said, there is someone out there who has a knack for helping players recover quickly from injuries. His name is Dr. Raymond J. Petras. He is not a medical doctor and he does NOT practice medicine. He is a pain management and sports performance specialist. Dr. Petras not only helps athletes deal with pain, he teaches them how to return to play sooner than expected at a high level of performance.

Dr. Petras has a simple philosophy. It is to use the mind to safely eliminate pain, which in turn allows athletes to get back onto the playing surface faster. Dr. Petras does not diagnose or treat the injury. That is the job of the primary care physician/athletic trainer/other medical professional. Once a diagnosis is made and the medical personnel treat the injury, Dr. Petras works his magic.

Dr. Petras uses an eclectic approach when dealing with his clients. His work is based in psychology, but involves a very emotional, spiritual and philosophical outlook on pain. Dr. Petras’ process begins with a simple question, “What is the purpose of pain?” The answer is that pain is our brain sending a message that a body part needs attention. Once a doctor or trainer has dealt with the injury, “theoretically,” says Dr. Petras, “there is no need for the pain.” Dr. Petras helps people work through the pain in a balanced way using mind-body-spirit. He helps his clients eliminate their pain through laughter, visualization, forgiveness, thankfulness and by addressing issues like pre-operative anxiety and post-operative worries. Of his great results, Dr. Petras states, “it’s not me; it’s what we are capable of.”  The exercises that Dr. Petras guides his clients through are designed to give them control over their pain. This in turn allows them to improve their quality of life.

For instance, Dr. Petras was working for the Hull (now Gatineau) Olympiques of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL). They flew him in, going into the playoffs, to work on 10 players who were injured. When he arrived, Dr. Petras was told that, by the Governor, that five were expected to be able to play in a limited capacity and five were not expected to play at all. Dr. Petras worked with them over 3-4 days and all 10 players “played in the playoffs and played superbly,” said Coach Mongrain. During this process, the team doctor and athletic trainer monitored the players and had the final say as to when they were ready to return to play. Dr. Petras used his technique, called “Talking Away Pain™” (TAP™) also called PsychoNeuro Pain Response™ (PNPR™) to help safely speed the healing, eliminate the pain, improve the functionality and bring the players back to a performing level. 
On his website, www.reliefforyou.com you can find an entire page of testimonials about the work Dr. Petras has done not just for hockey teams, but also for people in all walks of life and all types of injuries.

Dr. Petras told me that since 1989, there have been no observed or reported abreactions to his TAP™ technique. 
The most important part of recovering quickly from injury may not be in a doctor’s office or on an operating table, but rather, an appointment with a pain management specialist like Dr. Petras. Just imagine, if your favorite team could bring back their top players faster and keep them in top shape through these techniques. Wow, wouldn’t that be great. 


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Great work Matt, and thanks to Dr. Petras as well.