Blackhawks Extend Carcillo

The Chicago Blackhawks awarded Daniel Carcillo with a two-year contract extension this morning, despite the fact that he hasn't played in a game since January 2nd in Edmonton when he ended his season to injury and earned a suspension for his illegal hit on Oiler's (who now plays for the Minnesota Wild) Tom Gilbert. 

Carcillo saw significant time on the Hawks' top line to add grit and a physical presence in the corners and in front of the opposing team's netminders, but also often times put his team in poor situations with his reckless play on the ice. That's the give and take you deal with when you dress players with that type of walk-the-line game.

Carcillo did amass two goals and 11 points and was a plus 10 in 28 games for the Hawks this season before going down from injury, and it appears Hawks' brass believes he can continue producing once he comes back from rehab next season. 

As of this time, terms of the deal have not yet been announced. 

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George Prax's picture

Seems like kind of a silly move to make when your team is battling for a playoff spot... Obviously it's easy to negotiate seeing as the guy isn't playing but still seems a little like Stan Bowman's needs to get his priorities in order, no?

Matt Cefalu's picture

Yeah, the new contract is rumored to be 2 yrs at 875K per year, which is a 100K raise from his current contract. I think Carcillo can bring some good things to a team like the Blackhawks, but I don't see how he earned a pay raise from this past season, nor would I have given him 2 years. And the fact that Carcillo got his contract before Jamal Mayers was resigned is even more confusing.

Taylor Giffin's picture

Carcillo is one of those guys you want on your team. He provides a bit of grit and dirt to the generally clean Hawks. As for Mayers, he seems to me like a John Madden type of guy for the Hawks. Brought in for the year just to provide a little depth on the back end of their forward lineup and some solid defensive play. But realistically he probabelly will not be back next year. He is expandable in my opinion, and that is why I am sure they have not resigned him at the moment. I think the price they paid for Carcillo is will worth it, he had 11 points in 28 and a plus ten. Thats a good deal but it is even better when you add in the type of game he plays.

George Prax's picture

I don't think it's necessarily a bad move to bring him back, I just don't see why they have to commit to him for a) 2 years, b) more money, and c) in March while he's injured. I dunno, even if the deal isn't bad that just seems like a bad message to send to the team. I can't imagine the Hawks have many players to sign with all those LT deals they made over the last few years but it still seems odd.

Taylor Giffin's picture

I don't like the idea of signing him through two years, when the extent of how he will return from the ACL injury is unclear. I would not want him to come back and be less of a player than he was before he got injured this year if I was the Hawks. The only reason I see them signing him for two years is that they assume he will be back and prove to be worth much more than the money they are giving him next year. He played on a line with Hossa and Kane and excelled there for a player of his calibre. If he was to stay on that line and the pace he set they would have to cough up a lot more than they did with the extension. It does seem odd that it in the situation they are in Carcillo becomes a priority though.

George Prax's picture

"I don't like the idea of signing him through two years, when the extent of how he will return from the ACL injury is unclear."

I guess Bowman took a page of the Pierre Gauthier / Andrei Markov book lol