Hawks Thoughts - Where's the defense?

Still think Chicago should make that bid for Bobby Ryan?


Be sure to check out TCL's newest Blackhawks' writer Maggie Avila's game recap from last night.

Here's a brief goal analysis of last night's joke of a 60 minute effort by your Chicago Blackhawks in their 4-1 loss to the Phoenix Coyotes:

PHX Goal #1 - They scored off a really poorly timed change by the Blackhawks where Hjalmarsson looked like he was just learning to skate for the first time. He looked lost throughout the entire game. The goal was a nice stuff attempt that Langkow made count. And if Andrew Brunette is your only forward backchecking during a situation like that, consider yourself in trouble.
PHX Goal #2 - Craw absolutely needs to make that stop. It was a decent shot by Doan but in order to keep the energy alive for the boys in front of Corey, he needs to stop that one. Couldn't get it done and as a result the Hawks continued to play flat and too cute hockey.
PHX Goal #3 - Now I haven't been one of the critics campaigning for Keith to be executed with some of his recently suspect play, but man, his drop passes make my heart stop nearly every time. And this time it directly led to PHX's 3rd goal.
PHX Goal #4 - I think it was Leddy on this play that just left Whitney wide open right on the door step, but I could be wrong. In any case, no Blackhawk on the ice was playing well at this point and Crawford had little chance in stopping that point-blank shot. Poor coverage.
I'm not even going to bother saying anything about Sharpie's last minute goal to ruin Mike Smith's shutout bid. Too little, too late.
As usual, Hawks had plenty of opportunities to shoot the puck (a few times right in the slot) and didn't take advantage but instead opted to make a pretty pass attempt and cost the team another scoring opportunity. It can't continue. What also ultimately cannot continue is the defense's inability to really show up against important Western Conference teams and support their goaltender who is struggling to make the big stops his team needs him to make. Both skaters and the goaltender must support each other in order to be successful and none of that is happening right now.
On paper, the Hawks have the tools to be a solid defensive team. Make no mistake- this team is FAR from the Stanley Cup winning team from 2010 in many ways. But they still have plenty of tools to be one of the top teams in the West. They need to get it together and soon.
Hawk, Hawk, Hawk it up!
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-Matt Cefalu


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great points. The D or lack thereof is becoming a little concerning. Totally agree that if it does not become more consistant they will be in real trouble and certainly don't look like the2010 Stanley Cup winning team.