The State of Canuck Nation After Lopsided Chicago Loss

It doesn’t take any great hockey mind to look at the Canucks’ 5-1 defeat at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks to understand that something is really wrong with this team right now.  The Canucks are playing some of the most inconsistent hockey that we’ve seen in Alain Vigneault’s tenure in Vancouver. 

The Canucks came into the Chicago game riding a streak that had seen them put up 3 wins in their last 4 games.  While those numbers aren’t spectacular, it is worth noting that the style of play was significantly more “Canuck like” than the play we saw in October.  Finally, it looked as though the team was going to be able to put everything together and win their second game against Chicago in as many weeks. 

Had the Canucks won tonight, it would have put them in great shape to get on a real roll.  The team has yet to win three straight games this year and, with November past its midway point, there has to be some reason for concern.

Looking at the stats sheet, it’s not hard to see that the Canucks got shredded tonight.  Cory Schneider had a real weak outing tonight.  It’s a shame to see him get lit up like he did but this could have some positive effects on the psychological nature of us fans.  Luongo’s not looking so bad right now, is he?

Jannik Hansen continued his strong play with the Sedins and it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if this move proved to be a permanent one.  As stated in previous blogs, Hansen seems to bring the grit and determination that Burrows brought when he was first placed with the Sedins.  Having Burrows with Kesler could help bring him back to the player the city fell in love with.

At 9-9-1, things aren’t going well for the Canucks.  The team doesn’t have a shot at eclipsing its 20 game pace from last season (which wasn’t very good).  Worse than that, the team isn’t showing any signs of major improvement.  The game against the Islanders was a strong one, but this was really weak.  Maybe, like last season, a big loss to the Hawks will be what turns this team around.  As fans, we can only hope.

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George Prax's picture

As a Habs fan, I know exactly like you feel. Similar records, similar situation, not really sure how to get out of it. That said, if any team has the assets to turn things around, it's the Canucks.