Caps' Alex Ovechkin suspended three games

The NHL has suspended Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin three games for his hit on Pittsburgh defenseman Zbynek Michalek. 

NHL Senior Vice President of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan said in his review of the incident that Ovechkin was suspended for charging and leaving his feet while delivering the check. 

Replay of the hit clearly showed Ovechkin launch himself into Michalek, which is a violation of the charging rule, rule No. 42. 

Further, as Ovechkin launched himself into Michalek, he raised his shoulder toward the head of the player, resulting in a headshot that was deemed "reckless" by Shanahan in his review.

He also noted that Ovechkin is a repeat offender and has been suspended twice before as well as fined twice for physical fouls during his six-year career. 

Among Shanny's key points for the three-game suspension include: 

  • Charging
  • Ovechkin's "repeat offender" status
  • No apparent injury to Michalek

Ovechkin will miss the Capitals' next three games against Boston, Tampa Bay and Florida, the Caps play just three games in the next 10 days. 

So, there you have it folks, another Shanaban.

Here's the video: 







George Prax's picture

Well deserved Shanaban, but I don't get how he can still play in the All Star Game, if he's suspended through it he should have to sit.

Mike Dusak's picture

yeah it's probably good that he's not playing in the ASG, but he knows that it's just a shame for fans in Ottawa that they won't be able to see one of the most talented guys in the league there

George Prax's picture

Wrote that right before I heard he wasn't going lol. Probably for the best, it reflects poorly on the league. Wonder if he'll be suspended further.