From the Archives...

Time for another archival trip. This time, we go back to February 1 and 2, 2002.

First, we look at an installment of “It Happened on Hockey Night” that tells of the 1970 NHL All-Star Game.

Next, a look at another installment of “It Happened on Hockey Night”, telling of the 1980 NHL All-Star Game.

Dick Irvin narrates in both of the above clips.

Up next is a piece profiling Pat Quinn and Scotty Bowman, and 2002 would mark a rare moment that they would coach head-to-head with one another in an All-Star Game.

And finally, an installment of the Satellite Hotstove featuring host Ron McLean along with analysts Kelly Hrudey and Greg Millen, and longtime coach and general manager of various clubs (notably Edmonton and the Rangers), Glen Sather.