Have the Toronto Maple Leafs Reached a Breaking Point?

Like the name of a recent Keri Hilson song, it appears as if the Toronto Maple Leafs have reached a breaking point.

After a hot 4-0-0 start, which I long for the return to, the Leafs have cooled off big time. I was listening to some phone calls on the Fan 590 earlier today (something I never do at 8:30 am Newfoundland time) and it’s disturbing yet sobering. Depending on who you think is the goat in all this, be it Brian Burke, Ron Wilson, any or all of the players, or a combination of or all of the above, Leafs fans have a right to be very frustrated. Desperation is taking over. How can this be allowed, I don’t know. Let’s see… Since Dion Phaneuf got injured in a game against Ottawa (a game whereby the Sens won), the Leafs have won just 3 times – victories over Nashville (a come-from-behind win), New Jersey (who just the other night got served by Montreal 5-1), and Dallas (who, like Toronto, started 4-0-0, and that’s where the similarities ended), and the losses – oh, the losses – 10 losses, 4 of those in which the Leafs got blanked. It’s disturbing.

Whoever you want as the Leafs’ next coach and/or general manager (believe me, opinion will wildly vary depending on the individual), you can be assured that if the Leafs want to get into the playoff hunt, they’ll have to run the table. Welcoming the Bruins into the Air Canada Centre on Saturday will definitely not help matters much.

And let’s not forget this fact: the Calgary Flames have also struggled mightily. After losing 7-2 to Vancouver on Wednesday night, it also appears they’ve reached a breaking point. Another loss or two could very well put an exclamation mark on it.

You’ve probably had your breaking point by now. Question is, what is rock bottom and when do you start going up? And be serious about your thoughts. Sarcasm is not appreciated this time. We’re talking a major time bomb.


George Prax's picture

Trust me when I tell you that I'm not sarcastic at all when I tell you that the Leafs suck. High expectations from management mixed with questionable deals and fans that get easily overexcited = hard falls. There's really nothing here to be surprised about.

Phil T's picture

I knew the offense was bad (and we're talking AHL bad) but I didn't expect the defense to look this soft. Going to be another long season for the blue and white and they don't have a top pick to look forward to. If I'm Brian Burke I need to find a way to get a 1st round draft pick through trade because this is going to be bad.