Brampton Battalion 2010-2011 Season Post Mortem

Final Record: 29-32-1-6

Key Graduates: Scott Tanksi, Stephon Thorne, Cody St. Jacques

Key Returnees for Next Season: Sam Carrick, Barclay Goodrow, Philip Lane, Ian Watters, Marcus McIvor, Dylan Blujus, Spencer Abraham, Matej Machovsky

Possible Early NHL Graduates: None

Draft Position: 7

Offseason Needs: Offensive firepower

The Plan For Next Year: Brampton rather drastically overperformed this season. You could be forgiven if you took a Hodgson-less, Clarke-less Battalion lightly this season. But no one will be taking them lightly next season. Brampton is returning the key pieces to its core next season. Machovsky will take over as the starting goaltender and smart, puck-moving defenders Blujus, Abraham and McIvor will all take steps forward next season.

That having been said, you absolutely need offensive stars to succeed in the OHL. Brampton doesn’t have one and it isn’t in their history to trade for one. They’re going to have to rely on getting a breakout season from someone like Barclay Goodrow who certainly has the skill to be a big time offensive force in the OHL but who hasn’t established himself yet.

This team certainly looks solid for next year and you can never count out a team with Stan Butler behind the bench. They should certainly improve their stead in the Eastern standings. Brampton’s trap-based system, allows them to keep the games close.

If I Could Make One Trade:

To Brampton: Ryan Spooner
To Kingston: Marcus McIvor, multiple draft picks

The Troops have a couple of solid, young puckmoving options in Spencer Abraham and Dylan Blujus. Both of whom have shown more to this point in their OHL careers than former first rounder McIvor has. But don't discount McIvor's potential. Spooner is simply a superstar in this league and he's going to command a serious ransom.

For the Fronts, they probably would rather not trade him but that franchise isn't going anywhere next year with or without him. He's arguably worth more to the Fronts as a trade piece. Given McIvor's potential, building a blue-line around him and Alex Gudbranson does set a stable foundation for the future.


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