Ottawa 67s 2010-2011 Season Post Mortem

Final Record: 44-19-3-2

Key Graduates: Thomas Nesbitt, Cody Lindsay, Travis Gibbons, Ryan Martindale

Key Returnees for Next Year: Shane Prince, Tyler Toffoli, Petr Mrazek, Jake Cardwell, Sean Monahan, Cody Ceci, Dalton Smith

Possible Early NHL Graduates: Tyler Toffoli

Draft Position: 19

Offseason Needs: Scoring depth

Plan For Next Year: The 67s have an excellent chance next year to put up another Division championship banner but they’re going to need some help in doing so. They’ve lost their top offensive defenseman and most of their secondary scoring to graduation. There’s also the potential, however remote, that they’ll OHL scoring co-champion Tyler Toffoli if he manages to impress the LA Kings brass at next fall’s training camp.

That having been said, they’re guaranteed to return enough pieces to be a tough competitor night after night. Dalton Smith is one of the OHL’s best power forward/enforcers and could be a legitimate threat to score thirty goals next season. Shane Prince is one of the OHL’s best playmaking wingers. Petr Mrazek can be a game stealer.

But Ottawa’s future is Sean Monahan. The 67s have a history of going from franchise player to franchise player with almost seamless transition. Monahan arrived even earlier than Toffoli before him. He was a dominant player for Ontario at the Under-17s and carried that play through to the end of the Season in Ottawa.

The 67s future on defence is deep but not necessarily star-studded. Cody Ceci does have some high end potential but being buttressed by Jake Cardwell, Adam Sedlak, Marc Zanetti and Julian Luciani will give Ottawa a stable blue-line for the foreseeable future.

If I Could Make One Trade:

To Ottawa: Andrew Fritsch
To Owen Sound: Tom Graovac, Brett Gustavsen

Ottawa's gonna need some secondary scoring but the 67s never think in anything but two year moves. Andrew Fritsch in going to be in Ottawa for two seasons as a result of this trade. Fritsch brings reliable secondary scoring and is capable of producing alongside star players as he did this year playing with Joey Hishon and Garret Wilson in Owen Sound.

For Owen Sound, they get two young players to put around Jarrod Maidens and help expedite their rebuild. They also trade a player in Fritsch who is rumoured to want out of Owen Sound anyway.