Cammalleri ties it late; Flames get point


The Flames gained another valuable point in their climb towards the 8th and final playoff spot with a 3-2 overtime loss to the Dallas Stars.

Without the late game heroics of Mike Cammalleri, it could have been the Flames first regulation loss of February, but thankfully it wasn’t. Cammy made good on his second open net of the period (the first one might have kept him tossing and turning all night had he not converted the second time) and tied the game up in the dying minutes.

As since everyone simply loves big outrageous statements that are seemingly riduclous in nature, I will throw out of one of my own – that goal by Cammalleri might be the difference the Flames need to make the playoffs.

Now, before you call me an idiot, because I know that’s what you’re thinking, hold on a tick.

The Flames clearly did not have their best effort on this night (just listen to the coach’s presser here: but the team was still able to pick up a point on a night they might have otherwise left with nothing. So many times last year the Flames would fall behind and not tie it up late. However, for some reason this year feels different, and Mike Cammalleri stands at the forefront of that feeling.

The addition of Cammalleri, who had been floundering in Montreal all season, gave not only me, as a fan, a spark, but I think it gave the team a definite jolt. Since the trade, the Flames are 6-3-4, or to look at it another way have picked up points in 10 of 13 games. One might look at Cammy’s stats and say he only has four goals and two assists in 13 games with the club, but he does have three points in his last three, and he did score a crucial shootout winner against LA back on January 19th.

He is a player the Flames did not have before, and not only for the fact that he stands just a wee bit taller than Frodo Baggins. For a small player, he has a lot of fire, much like a Martin St. Louis or a Theo Fleury, and he has a cannon for a shot.

Sure, people will point to the 9-0 trouncing at the hands of the Boston Bruins as the teams official turnaround (three games prior to the Cammy deal) and they are probably justified in doing so.

I just feel that mentally, the team’s internal traffic light switched from yellow to green the moment Cammy pulled on that #93 sweater with the smaller sized font.

Stats on the Flames in February:

Sit two points back of PHX and LA for 8th spot

4-0-3 in the month

Averaging 2.85 GPG (2.40 in their season’s avg)

Averaging 2.14 GA (2.62 in their season’s avg)

3/25 on PP = 12% and 0 for last 13 attempts

14/17 on PK or 82%

Kipper’s SV %: .940

Kipper’s GAA: 2.00

Iginla has 5G, 3A

Jokinen has 6G, 4A

Tanguay has 2G, 7A

Flames have been outshot in six of their seven games this month