Regehr and Tanguay

The Robyn Regehr era in Calgary has come to an end.

After spending 11 seasons dawning the flaming C, Regehr will have a new address in Buffalo, NY.

The durable defenceman (he has only missed 15 games in the last 5 seasons) was one of the Flames true leaders, and the second longest tenured player behind the one, the only, Jarome Iginla.

He will be missed in these parts.

I think the happiest person in Alberta right now has to be Ales Hemsky though. Hemsky will no longer have to endure getting tossed around like a Raggedy Ann doll in the corners by the hulking Regehr.  For so many years, Regehr has made it his top priority to ensure that Hemsky can’t even peel himself off the end boards.

This is my fondest memory of Rocket Robyn and I will miss him.

But in saying that, I understand the need to trade him.

The Flames were in a bind financially and something had to be done to gain some flexibility when it came to the salary cap.  Regehr just so happened to be the most marketable asset.

Jay Feaster was able to trade Regehr($4 mill) and throw in Ales Kotasuck ($3 mill) and wipe the Flames clean of over $7 million in the process.

In return the Flames received Chris Butler and Paul Byron. An at best 4th defenceman and a forward prospect that no one knows much about, but I’ll get to that later.

The return is not great. In fact, the Flames even threw in a 2nd round pick in the 2012 draft and still only got the two players back. They gave up the best player in the draft and relatively nothing close to fair value in return.

Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?

But this situation was different than the now infamous Dion Phaneuf trade.

This was, and always will be, a straight salary dump.

Feaster has a giant pile of horse manure to sift through thanks to Darryl Sutter, and sometimes to get yourself out of a situation like this, you simply have to eat shit.

And Feaster gulped it down by the spoonful.

Regehr will continue to be a great shutdown defenceman for years to come, but it won’t be for Calgary.

The Flames depth on defence is diminished, but this now opens the door for some of the Flames young defence prospects to make that jump, and I truly believe they may get a legitimate shot to make the big club.

TJ Brodie, John Negrin, Chris Breen, and Keith Seabrook – I’m looking at you.

So goodbye Robyn Regehr. Say hi to Leo and Monty for us. We will eagerly await your return to Calgary and be cheering when you step on the ice.

So much for my retro Regehr jersey (sigh).



A result of the Regehr/Kotalik salary dump was the signing of Alex Tanguay to a five year deal worth $17.5 million.

The cap hit works out to be $3.5 million a season.

Is the deal longer than I would have liked for a 31 year old?

Yeah, probably.

Am I happy they didn’t pull another Michael Cammalleri?

Yes, I am.

It’s been documented that Iginla was very crucial to the deal happening as he was constantly calling both Tanguay and Craig Conroy, making sure a deal was being consummated.

From what I gather, Tangs was looking for a 4 year deal for $4 million per season.

So, you give and take in negotiations. Flames gave another year and Tanguay shed half a million a season.  What’s $500,000 between friends anyways, right?

The one thing Feaster didn’t do was give Tanguay a no-movement/trade clause, which Feaster’s predecessor gave out like Kit Kat’s on Halloween.

It keep the ball in the team’s court, which should be the case.

Tanguay finished top 30 in scoring. He would have probably received the same if not more money on July 1st from another team. I’m glad Feaster realized that he was the best option out of all possible other players that might have been available.

The Flames have roughly $7.5 million of cap space to work with and only four defenceman under contract. At least we know what Feaster’s next move most likely will be.

Going back to the forwards. Tanguay and Iginla will be together for a while, and Flames fans should be happy for that.

Now, if they could just find a center to play with them, or is he already right under their nose?

What’s that I smell? A Swedish centerman ready to make his mark.





George Prax's picture

I think that Tanguay deal is kind of ridiculous. The money is decent but no way would I give a player like that five years. I guess they did what they had to do to keep him, seeing as it seems like a lot of players don't want to play in Calgary these days (the new Montreal IMO), but they can't do much more things like that or else they haven't learned a thing from the Sutter era.

Getting rid of Regehr's salary and Kotalik in the process was positive for them even if they didn't get much in return. It's the start of the purge. If the team was smart, they'd just call this thing a rebuild, despite what the fans would say.

Derrick Newman's picture

Yeah they had no choice with Tanguay really. If they don't sign him you get your superstar angry and probably demanding a way out of Calgary sooner than later. And really Jarome controls a lot what goes on and if he wants a certain player resigned, they are going to please him. I agree that 5 years is too long, but like I said at least they didnt give him a full NMC/NTC. It's a start and cleaning up the mess is going to be tough, but Feaster just put his first stamp on the team

George Prax's picture

Well like I keep saying, maybe the problem isn't guys like Tanguay, more likely guys like Jarome. That guy has the Flames organization by the balls and someone's going to have to realize that sooner or later.