Robyn Regehr to Buffalo?

It looks like Robyn Regehr could be on his way out of Calgary.

The second longest tenured Flame and a perennial team leader could be packing his bags and moving to Buffalo.

This move would free up $4 million for the team and open the door for another move – a move that would have something to do with Ryan Smyth becoming a Calgary Flame or so the rumours are saying.

It’s also being speculated that Stajan and/or Hagman could be involved in the Regehr deal as well, which would really help the team shed some serious dough.

Am I happy to see Regehr leaving?

Yes and no.

He’s been a fixture on the blue line for the last 11 years. He has the ability to instil fear in forwards making a break into the Flames zone. He’s mean, which is what a lot of fans loved about him.

On the other hand, in recent years he has seemingly lost a step on the competition. He is, then he used to be and thus is getting beat by speedy forwards down the wing. He is all about positional play and if he has the angle on the player there is usually no escaping him.

He was better last season, and especially after the departure of Phaneuf, where he was constantly put in the position of “ass covering” when Dion would meander into the nether regions of the Saddledome.

Still, his salary and decreasing skill set (yet not totally void of skill) make him an ideal player to be traded. It gives the Flames the flexibility they will need.

However, if it is Ryan Smyth that they are targeting, I question the move. Does Calgary really need a Ryan Smyth? A 35 year old Ryan Smyth at that? Do they really need to get older? Is this there solution to not signing Tanguay. If it is, I want to vomit.

It reeks of Tony Amonte all over again.

I’ve heard a player like Brad Boyes could be a possible return in the Regehr deal. I don’t mind the player. A 29-year old center that could possibly fit into the top line and my guess would be that this would only occur if Stajan was part of the deal, and this were the case then I, along with the majority of Flames fans, would be ecstatic.

Boyes is slated to make $4 million next season, so if it was one for one, than financially it doesn’t make sense, but if Stajan/Hagman are involved than it kind of adds up.

Also, the move to Buffalo would re-unite Reggie with Jordan Leopold, his defence partner for the 04’ run. I’m sure Leopold has a call into Reggie, or vice versa.

But all this becomes a moo point (that’s a cow’s opinion) if Regehr says no to the deal.

A couple quick comments on the Flyers implosion today.

Was Darryl Sutter hired as Holmgren’s personal assistant and no one was told?

I’ve heard of shaking a team up but this is bordering on insanity.

Richards, Carter gone.

Bryzgalov, Schenn, Simmonds, Voracek, a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd round pick in.

Giroux becomes the No. 1 center and JVR becomes a first line threat. Schenn slots in as the third line center behind Briere. They are still deep and just got a lot younger. And that’s not to say Carter and Richards were old relics.

Heck, they would almost be the youngest players on the Flames roster.

It’s a ballsy move by Holmgren, that’s for sure. The return is quite good, but o the other hand all you are really trading for is potential when you HAD two guys who you knew were good.

It had to be more than just a shake-up and this reeks of dressing room problems. Funny that Pronger is part of that dressing room. Just saying.

Sure has made the 2011 draft weekend 10 times more exciting than the 2011 Trade Deadline day.



George Prax's picture

Regehr's a good defenseman but as the Flames lost depth on the blueline his weaknesses were exposed. He'll look great next to Tyler Myers though so I think this will be a good deal for Buffalo and will give the flames some much needed cap relief.