Iginla Starts Canada's Engine

Canadian fans everywhere rejoiced tonight as Jarome Iginla led Team Canada past Team Norway in the opener of 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games. Iginla, who officially scored 2 goals (most thought he tipped in another), found his way to the top line with Sidney Crosby and Rick Nash after starting the game on the third line with Morrow and Toews. Not that Morrow and Toews are bad, but playing with Sid and Nash is just a tad nicer.

Iginla capitalized on the move in the second period firing a shot right threw Norwegian goaltender Pal Grotnes. Crosby made the pass to Iginla who made no mistake.

"The first power-play goal, he put it right on a tee for me," Iginla said. "It was a great pass."(Source: NHL.com).

Flames fans everywhere must have had a giant smile on their collective faces when Iginla lit the lamp; I know I sure did. He looked like the Iginla Flames fans were used to seeing. Flames fans would know though, that he had been heating up just in time for the tourney. Iginla had 5 points in the 3 games, including 3 goals, before the break.

I am guessing Jarome was pretty mad that he had been slotted on third line and knew he possessed the talent to be put on the top line with Crosby. He made it happen tonight with his shot and his legs, which never stopped churning. He was hitting those pesky Norwegians from the moment he hit the ice, and his shot opened the scoring for the Canadian team.

Patrice Bergeron, who was the only player to make the team but not be at the orientation camp in August, did not immediately gel with Crosby and Nash and Coach Babcock took no time in making the switch. It’s been debated whether or not Bergeron even deserved to even be on this team. Yes he is a good player, but is he good enough to be one of Canada’s top 13 forwards? I can probably think of another player that might have been a better fit (St. Louis and Stamkos to name a few). Was it the chemistry from the World Juniors a half decade ago, with Crosby that really earned him a spot on this team? Did Crosby make mention to Yzerman that he might make a good pick? How much pull does Crosby really have?

It’s an interesting debate that will prove futile unless this Canadian team does not claim the Gold Medal. If that happens, much like the 2006 team, this squad will be picked apart and overanalyzed for years to come.

It was a great start for the Canadian team. Bring on the Swiss! How does that bobsled chant go? “Eins, Zwei, Drei” – Little Cool Runnings for you all.

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