Iggy Forever

He is now a Penguin and as tough as that is to say, thank you for everything Iggy.

I remember when the Flames traded Theo Fleury back in 1999, I was a little more emotional being nine years old and Fleury was my hero but I will say, Fleury does not come close to Iginla.

For 16 years Iginla was the heart and soul of this franchise, and for it to end the way it has is disappointing.

Iginla meant more to this city and this fan base than words can describe.

From the '04 Cup run where Iginla nearly willed his way leading the Flames to their 2nd Cup in franchise history.

To scoring his 500th goal last season against the Minnesota Wild, a moment I was fortunate to see live and will never forget.

To all his fights, his famous leg lift, his one-timers, his snap shot, his 1000+ points, his smile, and everything that made Iginla who he was.

There are too many good memories to mention and they will never be forgotten.

You are a classact Jarome and this city should appreciate everything you have done for it on and off the ice.

You are a role model and hero to many.

A future Hall of Famer, it will be tough to see you in another jersey.

Go win the Cup you so badly deserve, the whole city is cheering for you.

Can't wait to buy a Penguins Iginla t-shirt.


Iggy Forever!



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