The Most Bizarre Hockey Injury

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Hopefully Vokoun will be ok. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ballard suspended for such reckless actions. I believe anyone who smashes their stick in the net should receive an unsportsmanlike penalty. I know it's a freak accident, but this shouldn't be possible.

I mean, it did look like a soft goal, but that is no way to treat your goaltender. Just think of the physical state that Vesa Toskala would be in right now.

Taking you elsewhere in the NHL tonight, Ovechkin has left the game against the Hurricanes with a knee injury. Ovechkin will likely be suspended this time for his knee on knee hit on Gleason, who also left the game with a knee injury.

With these two situations, both very different, yet they bring up a very good point. Does the NHL need to come down harder on the players in terms of how they carry themselves on the ice? Hockey is a dangerous sport, and the less players lookout for one another, the more of these injuries we are going to see.

I don't want to come off as one of those non-hockey fans that expresses their opinions on the sport every time the Chris Simons of hockey do something stupid on the ice. This isn't about the aggressiveness of the game. I love to see big hits and if players get hurt as a result of them, well that's part of the game.

What's not part of the game is sticking your leg out because your out of position to try and stop the player resulting in the destruction of both of your knees. What's not part of the game is smashing your stick into the goalpost after the opposition scores. We see goalies do it all the time, it's unacceptable.

That's not how professionals should conduct themselves on the ice. As a result, Ballard has taken his goalie out for who knows how many games, which will likely result in losing some games, and overall it hurts the team as a whole. Same thing with Ovechkin, not only does he take Gleason away from the Hurricanes, but he takes himself away from the Capitals.

I'd like to hear your thoughts, should Ballard be suspended, even though it was an accident on his own teammate? I don't think the Ovechkin situation is in question here, he should be reprimanded for that.

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