Cormier Will Likely Face Charges For Vicious Elbow

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UPDATE: Patrice Cormier has been suspended indefinitely according to TSN

On Sunday night, Patrice Cormier delivered possibly one of the dirtiest and most vicious attacks I have ever seen in the history of this sport.

Patrice Cormier, a New Jersey Devils prospect and the captain of the Canadian Junior team that just won the Silver medal will likely be facing a large suspension for his hit on the Quebec Remparts' Mikael Tam.

However, a large suspension is the least of Cormier's worries right now, as the Remparts are expected to press criminal charges against Cormier according to

As you can see from the video, Tam went immediately to the ice in convulsions. stated that "diagnostics placed the shock to Tam’s brain between a severe concussion and death. Tam is in hospital in stable condition and conscious at a hospital in Rouyn Noranda. He is expected to undergo more testing Monday."

You can read more on this story here

Cormier quite possibly just simultaneously ended two hockey careers with a split second lapse of rational judgment.

This was not a hockey hit at all as Cormier doesn't even look to take out the body, he's focused on the head the entire time.

It's unbelievable to think that this kid just captained a squad of Canada's very best youngsters and this is how he shows his leadership?

I'm still at a loss for words on this, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter, please comment below.

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