NHL's Concussion Protocol

After receiving a concussion attempting to watch the premiere of HBO's 24/7 last night, I decided to take a closer look at the NHL's concussion protocol that we got a glimpse of in last night's show.

The following procedures are taken when a player suffers a blow to the head.

After receiving a blow to the head, the team's medical staff will immediately check on the player. The player is asked to give an answer to specific questions. For example, one of the questions usually asked is, "Who's your Daddy?" If the player answers "Dion Phaneuf," then that player is done for the night and is sent to the locker room.

In the locker room, the player is then asked to remove his Flyers jersey before proceeding.

After removing his gear, the player is then sent to a quiet room in the building, such as Pierre Gauthier's office.

In the room, the player is asked to act like Tomas Kaberle. In other words it means sit on the bench and don't move for a while.

After the player exits the quiet room, doctors will give him some advice on the best way to deal with the healing process. The player is told not to work hard for the next little while and to just take it easy. To give the player a better idea of what they mean, the doctors show the player Alexander Semin highlights.

Before leaving, the player is asked to make an appointment to see the doctor again. Usually the waiting list to see a doctor is really long since most future doctor appointments are already booked up by Andrei Markov.

When the player does finally get a doctors appointment and it is determined that the player is indeed suffering from a concussion, the doctor will then give the player a list of things he should avoid doing to prevent further damage to the brain during the recovery process.

Some of the items on the list of things to avoid include:

- Having coversations with Ilya Bryzgalov

- Making eye contact with Dion Phaneuf

- Watching Coach's Corner

- Accepting an invitation from Brian Burke to one of his barns

- Following Flyers fans on Twitter

- Reading one of Damien Cox or Steve Simmons' columns

- Cutting in front of Bruce Boudreau at the team's buffet lunch.

The player needs to take all of this very seriously.

This is no laughing matter.


Patrick Storto

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Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

You must have seen Phil's Gauthier column and tried to one up it. Missions accomplished lol. Concussions actually make sense now!

Patrick Storto's picture

I actually missed it, just saw it now, his was hilarious. The only thing Phil and I compete on is how few blogs we can write in a year without pissing Prax off.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I assume that's going well then. I'm the complete opposite I think I write too much lol

George Prax's picture

The difference between you and Phil is that you actually get your BWP reviews in on time.