Oh Caption, My Caption

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Everyone who knows me knows that sometimes I like to be serious and sometimes I like to have fun. So let's have some fun today. If this catches on, I can make this a weekly thing like my Thank You Notes.

Please share with us your own captions for these pictures in the comments section.

So without further ado:

"I remember back during the ice age, hockey used to be popular here"

After being suspended for his comments, Sean Avery was sent all the way down to Curling.

*Everybody dance now!...dun...dun dun dun*

Wellwood: "Hey! Get back here with my Jos. Louis!"
Plekanec: "It's just a puck man!"

*Rolls up the Rim*..."I WON A DONUT!"

Stajan: "I hate you so much. I can't wait to get traded outta here and play for a team with a real goalie."
Toskala: "You'll never get away from me Matt...never."

Stajan:"Guys! I thought I made my No Toskala Clause pretty clear in my new contract."
Iginla: "Dude! The 'T' in NTC stands for 'trade', not 'Toskala' "
Stajan: "Damnit!"

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