Thank You Notes - Year End Edition

Some call this the playoffs, others call it Roberto Luongo's personal hell. Either way this distraction is almost over and the hockey world can go back to talking about the Leafs.

Anyways, with a complete disregard for the fact that the season is not over, here are some year end thank you's for a few special people.

Thank You, Roberto Luongo for clarifying that you're one win away from winning the Stanley Cup. You should have also mentioned that you're one loss away from

Thank You, to the Green Men for showing up in Boston even though the Canucks never did.

Thank You, Tomas Kaberle for your pathetic playoff beard and reminding all Leafs fans just how long its been since their team has made the playoffs since everyone assumed you couldn't grow facial hair.

Thank You, Brian Burke for your input on the Aaron Rome suspension. You couldn't possibly have a bias against a team that fired you, filed tampering charges against you and is now using the players you acquired to maybe win a Cup. Oh wait, the other team's GM has made your life in Toronto a living hell...carry on.

Thank You, Colin Campbell for stepping down. Now you won't have to hide your love for the Boston Bruins.

Thank You, Gary Bettman for sneaking the Thrashers out of Atlanta in the middle of the night like it was just left over blueberry cheesecake in the back of Bruce Boudreau's fridge.

Thank You, City of Glendale for making $25 million disappear quicker than a Sens coach. [For an alternate ending, you can substitute that last part with "Lebron James in the finals," "a Luongo appearance in Boston," "Kesler or H. Sedin or D. Sedin in the finals."]

Thank You, Ron Wilson for riding the Magic Reimer Ride all the way to a contract extension. Maybe next season you can get on the one way Gustavsson ride to Sweden.

Thank You, to the city of Vancouver. First you hosted 2010 Winter Olympics, which was away from Canada for 22 years. Tomorrow night you'll host the Stanley Cup, which will see the Bruin's 39-year drought come to an end.

And a thank you to everyone for reading,

Patrick Storto


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Nice, very funny.