Brian Burke's Flow Chart

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*Update: Part 2 is now available here:

Because I had nothing better to do, last night I snuck into Brian Burke's office and I came across this chart posted on his wall, which really gives an in depth look into how difficult Burkie's job really is. Here have a look for yourself,

click on the image to make it larger

Patrick Storto


Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

well, a lot of moves seem to make sense to me now.

George Prax's picture

I hope you don't get in trouble for this. I'll check with Eklund and ask him if this is real or fake.

Patrick Storto's picture

crap, better take it down, don't want Eklund to get me in trouble for making things up.

Phil T's picture

Eklund has a patent-pending on fake bullshitTM

Alicia Sprenkle's picture

haha this is too good.