Brian Burke's Flowchart Pt. 2

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I got a great response from the first flowchart last week so I decided to head back over to Burke's office and see what else I could find. I managed to take a quick look at Burke's offseason flowchart and I've reconstructed it below.

Unfortunately this chart has more branches than the Leafs Guardian. It was an obvious problem, but I had Gary Bettman take a look and he insists that there is no problem.

Have a look for yourself:

click on the image to make it larger


*And just in case you missed it, here is Part 1:

Brian Burke's Flow Chart - Part 1

Patrick Storto


Phil T's picture

Even better than the first one... The question is... will our servers hold up?

George Prax's picture

Rage Guy makes this another win. Great job pat.

Patrick Storto's picture

those are not just any cartoon guys Aldred.... it's Rage Guy and "Fuck Yea Guy"

Patrick Storto's picture

Mike Brown signs a 3-year deal, hmmm