They Will Not Force Us

I've admittedly been away from hockey and have missed more of the playoffs than I thought I would, but I've seen enough. From UFC to Federal Elections to Royal Weddings to catching the world's most wanted fugitives to dancing with the stars, my TV has been occupied to say the least. But every now and then, I change the channel to some good old hockey and I cheer hard, against the Canucks that is.

But I seem to be the only one....I can't be the only one can I?

Everywhere I look, from family to friends, people are telling me..."Patrick, the Canucks are a Canadian team, we have to cheer them." I usually respond with some cursing and occasionally a punch to the face. Even more sickening is those 'Leafs' fans that were cheering for the Habs in the first round because again, they're a Canadian team.

I've got some news for you all, the Stanley Cup Playoffs isn't an International tournament. There's no Canada and USA. Each team is a business not a representative of the country they're located in. Each team has a mixture of players that come from many different countries, so this "Canucks are a Canadian team" crap has to stop, immediately.

The truth is that the Habs and Canucks are the Leafs' rivals. The Habs/Leafs rivalry needs no explanation, and how easily we forget how quick Mike Gillis broke into his sweat over the Leafs' 'tampering.' How easy we forget that the Canucks top three players are two Swedes and an American. How easy we forget that three players on the Sharks won Canada a Gold Medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics, but somehow the Canucks are going to be Canada's team the rest of the way? Give me a break.

I'll tell you this, if you're a Leafs fan and you cheered Montreal in the first round, you're not a Leaf fan in my eyes. And if you're a Leafs fan and you're currently cheering the Canucks I'm not talking to you anymore.

You guys tried to give me advice by telling me to cheer for the Canucks? That advice was almost worse than when Prax advised me to buy a PS3.

There is no way the Leafs would be adopted by the rest of Canada if they were the last Canadian based team standing, nor would I expect them to be. I don't expect my Habs fans counterparts to suddenly cheer for the Leafs when the Habs are out, I would actually be shocked if that actually happened.

To the rest of you, who are like me and are not buying into this Canadian team crap, thank you. No one was more excited during that Blackhawks comeback than us (and Blackhawks fans obviously) and no one was more disappointed in the failure to complete that comeback than us (and Blackhawks fans, and also Gary Bettman and the rest of the NHL front office as well, NBC too)

If I have offended anyone here tonight, well I'm glad. Let's go Preds!

We are Leafs Fans
We Are The Center of The Hockey Universe
We Do Not Give A Crap About The Rest of Canada
or The NHL
Expect us

Patrick Storto


Greg Duley's picture

LOL great article, i agree with you. Most american teams have more Canadian players than the Canadian ones do. One team doesn't represent a country, only an international team can.

And as well Let's GO PREDS!

George Prax's picture

I would agree or argue with you, but unfortunately, I don't really know what it's like to not see my team in the playoffs for an extended period of time Smile

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

Great article and I completely agree. The four big superstars in Pittsburgh are Crosby, Malkin, Staal, and Fluery. Thats three canadians and a russian, but once you put on the jersey you become that cities adopted son. Thats the world of professional sports. My favorite moment of 2009-2010 season was the buffalo - pittsburgh game. I was sitting way up top and it was the first game after the Olympics. They showed the final moments when Crosby scored the game winner and my friends and I booed. Then alot of the crowd booed. They then announced the accomplishments of Ryan Miller and we cheered like crazy. There was a Miller chant and everything, but as soon as the puck dropped it was over, the NHL season was back on. Sid scored a hat trick in the second period I believe and the crowd chanted MVP while we also heckled Miller.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

This is my number one pet peeve and I loved this article, Pat. I just can't stand when some fairweather fan says they're going for the Nucks because they are "Canadian." It doesn't really matter, it's just where the team is situated. The fact of Canadian teams on other teams meaning nothing to them baffles me. I asked one friend if the Canucks were 100% European and the Preds were 100% Canadian players, who would they go for? Vancouver is in Canada they said. Really??? Check the 2007 Cup Finals, Anaheim had like only 2 Euros and they are from the States. Weird how that works, huh? More Canadians than the Ottawa/Canadian team. It's a very pathetic way to support a playoff team based on where it is situated.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Btw I have the Muse song in my head now. See title. Go Preds!

George Prax's picture
Kyle Andrew Busch wrote:

Btw I have the Muse song in my head now. See title. Go Preds!

Great song. *changes song on iphone*

Patrick Storto's picture

Title was based on Muse song, so there ya go.

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Fantastic article, funny isn't it. The reason people don't like Leaf's Fans is because of these so called 'fans', the people that choose to cheer for another team just simply because they are located in Canada, as you said don't deserve the title 'fan'. Ironically enough, these are also probably the people who wanted Wilson fired, and when the Leafs were winning wanted him nominated for the Jack adams. In any case, you hit the nail right on the head with this article.

George Prax's picture

I don't think it's fair to say that people aren't fans just because they choose a second team to root for. I agree with Pat in the sense that people shouldn't be forced to root for a rival just because they're Canadian. But what's the problem with cheering for another team that you like in the playoffs if your team doesn't make it or is eliminated? To be fair I've just been rooting against the Bruins lately, lol, but I do like the Bolts and would love to see them win the cup this year. Would that make me any less of a habs fan?

RMelendez2's picture

I don't know that fans of any other teams really understand the type of 'fairweather' fans that real Leafs fans have to deal with. The "They Suck!" when they're losing and "Plan the parade!" when they're winning fans. And although i'm sure their may be similar fans for other teams, never have I seen such bi-polar fans cheer or jeer a team on. And Prax to continue on what you were saying, what i meant earlier was that it's fine to have a second team so long as it doesn't make you forget your pride and joy of cheering for your original team. Moreover people, as Pat pointed out, should not be cheering for teams simply because they are located in Canada. And yes, I hope the Bolts win the cup as well, screw the bruins...

Patrick Storto's picture

Like Prax said, I have no problem cheering other teams on. It just makes me sick when "Leafs" fans are cheering the Habs or Canucks because they're a Canadian team and then....get this....they question MY loyalty when I get up and start clapping after Horton scores the OT winner in game 7.

George Prax's picture

If there was a playoff series between the Bruins and Leafs, I would cheer for the Leafs. Mostly because I hate the Bruins with every fiber of my being, but it would help knowing they were from Canada. I wouldn't cheer for them in a final though, no matter who they were playing. To me, it makes it a little easier to cheer for a team because they're Canadian, but it isn't the main factor.