Griffins Give Back

Tuesday night the Grand Rapids Griffins were not out scoring goals and checking players into the boards instead they held their annual Tip a Griffin at the Uccello’s Restaurants to benefit The Griffins Youth Foundation.

One might think that players are all stone cold guys on and off the ice with just one thing on their mind hard hitting hockey, but in fact the Griffins give a lot of their time to the community and help to support many organizations. The Griffins Youth Foundation is an organization established in 1995,” the Griffins Youth Foundation promotes academic excellence, community involvement and healthy lifestyles among the youth of West Michigan, enhancing their lives through hockey and ice-related sports.”

My family and I had the pleasure of visiting the restaurant where Frances Pare, Tristan Grant, Tom McCollum, Louie Marc-Aubry, Gleason Fournier, Assistant Coach Jim Paek, Athletic Trainer John Bernal and Bob Kaiser were helping out. The rest of the team was spread out to three other locations. The players assisted wait staff throughout the night serving food and tending bar. This was a chance to see the lighter side of the team and associate with them off the ice. The Griffins are always positive towards their fan base and are always happy to talk to fans and give an autograph if asked. These players have not forgotten that without the fans there would be no real support of the team.

Monies were donated throughout the night and a raffle is taking place between all restaurant locations for some great prizes from various businesses. At the end of the evening the aprons that were customized were signed and also auctioned off for the organization. All in all it has been a good few weeks for the team with some wins under their belt and a good showing of community support. The players are showing great improvements and becoming a better team on and off the ice.

The team will be traveling this week to Cleveland to face the Lake Erie Monsters to push for a sixth in a row win.   We wish them safe travel and best of luck in their game.