They Shoot They Score

The Griffins have had a tough season this year catching a place into a playoff spot but they have not had a problem when it comes to scoring goals against their opponents. Their offense when clicking is a powerhouse.  The team has been strong in the offensive zone and has no problem hurling the puck at the net.

The team has tallied 194 goals in 60 games this season which is an average of 3 goals a game. They also average 34 shots per game. Not only are the forwards throwing shots at the net the D have had their fair share at putting a point on the board.

The top ten scorers for the Griffins are a talented group of young players. Out of the ten players 6 have been up in the big show and two of them are still playing for the Red Wings.

#13 Forward Gustav Nyquist 20 goals 35 assists and 147 shots on goal in 54 games

#10 Forward Jamie Johnson 19 goals 29 assists and 97 shots on goal in 60 games

#25 Forward Chris Conner 15 goals 27 assists and 117 shots on goal in 45 games

#27 Forward Thomas Tatar 15 goals 27 assists and 174 shots on goal in 60 games

#18 Forward Joakim Andersson 16 goals 21 assists and 114 shots on goal in 57 games

#9 Forward Frances Pare 11 goals 22 assists and 135 shots on goal in 59 games

#7 Defense Brendan Smith 10 goals 22 assists and 99 shots on goal in 47 games currently with Wings

#17 Forward Fabian Brunnstrom 10 goals 21 assists and 125 shots on goal in 37 games

#33 Defense Doug Janik 7 goals 19 assists and 98 shots on goal in 56 games currently with Wings

#14 Forward Chris Minard 13 goals 9 assists and 79 shots on goal in 24 games

On Sundays game against the Houston Aeros the Griffins again showed their offensive power with a commanding 5-2 win. Goals were scored by 5 team leaders Nyquist, Exelby, Johnson, Conner and Pare. Then on Tuesday took pops at the Texas Stars and beat them 5-2 with goals by Andersson (2), Conner (2), and Tatar (1).

If the Griffins just like their big brother Red Wings need to do, toughen up their defensive zone playing they will surely move up quickly in the standings and birth a playoff spot. With the return of some injured players and movement between the two teams the strength of both clubs should rebound.

The Griffins have two important division games this weekend at home with the game on Friday against the Toronto Marlies and on Saturday against the Hamilton Bulldogs. There are not too many games remaining in the season and every point is becoming more and more important.


Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Did you hear about DeKeyset possibly signing with Detroit? If he went down to GR that woukd help them greatly

Paul Kendall's picture

That sure would just got back from the game and they lost 2-0. Played real slow game did not seem like they were all there. Pyett really scares me the way he plays gives up alot in the defensive zone.