Armchair GM Extraordinaire: Remaining Habs Moves

While I'm satisfied with the addition of Erik Cole (I'm not even going to talk about Budaj though. Don't ask me about it... DON'T), I feel like the Habs need to make a few extra moves in order to be truly competitive next year.

With the recent additions to the lineup, this is what the 2011-2012 Habs look so far:

Gionta - Gomez - Pacioretty
Cole - Plekanec - Cammalleri
Darche - Desharnais - Kostitsyn
Moen - Eller - White (RFA)

Markov - Emelin
Gill - Subban
Gorges(RFA) - Weber/Spacek

The addition of Cole definitely added some much needed size to our top 6. The first 3 lines look solid but could be improved with some GM wizardry. 


Let's ditch:

Jaro Spacek 3.83M cap hit
No-brainer. Takes up valuable cap space. Teams that need to reach the cap floor could potentially be interested in a trade (I'm talking about you, Jets).

Travis Moen 1.5M cap hit
Adds some toughness but not particularly useful. Wished we signed Max Talbot instead, for around the same money (He's getting 1.8 in Philly).

Andrei Kostitsyn 3.25M cap hit
The dream is ovaaaaaaaa. Not sure why we keep hanging on to him. I guess no one wants to trade for him? I'm sure he's been shopped around all season/summer. Again, a team desperate for some scoring and salary might want to take a look at him, he's only got a one year deal.

Let's sign:

JP Dumont ~ 2.5M cap hit
Dependable top6 forward who will give you 20 goals pretty consistently. Had a miserable year with Nashville but he's been pretty consistent his whole career so you know what to expect. Born in Montreal, he'd pretty much be a perfect fit for our top 9 forwards. Expect him to come cheap considering he's just been bought out by the Predators.

Jason Arnott ~ 3.5M cap hit
Not sure we should sign another center (Who knew we'd have too many centers one day?) But his size and leadership would be welcome additions.

Throw a contract offer to:

Tomas Kaberle ~ 4M cap hit
He was pretty soft in the Bruins' cup run, but having Markov, Subban and Kaberle running the power-play would be deadly. Of course, this is all dependent of getting rid of Spacek.


George Prax's picture

No way I offer anything to Kaberle. He's one dimensional and he's going to crowd the blueline for no reason. Not to mention he's coming off a cup win and offensive d-men are costing an arm and a leg for teams, so don't expect him to get anything less than $5.5 a year. I kind of wanted Arnott but there's no reason for it considering they have Desharnais and Eller and eventually Leblanc who could center that third line. Dumont would be alright.

And I wouldn't get rid of Moen, the guy can still be useful and he gives the team good depth. Spacek I would love to get rid of, Kostitsyn whatever.

In the end I think that they'll go an older cheap forward for depth like they have in recent years, and a depth defenseman before calling it a summer.