Five Players Which the Habs Should Trade Andrei Kostitsyn For

The Montreal Canadiens had high hopes for Belorussian prospect Andrei Kostitsyn when they drafted him 11th overall in the 2003 NHL Entry draft, in front of future superstars Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Brent Seabrook, Dustin Brown, Zach Parise, Ryan Kesler, Brent Burns. They thought that despite his health problems (which have since gone away - at least we think), Kostitsyn was the most skilled forward available and was worth the gamble.

We're not even going to comment on that any further; Andrei is all but done in Montreal and is causing more harm than good at this point, at least in my mind.

He takes precious ice time away from more deserving forwards on the team; turns the puck over more time than Gomez misses open nets and is on pace for another highly underachieving season. His streakiness rivals even Phil Kessel's and when he's not scoring, he's not doing much of anything else. He's a RFA at the end of the year and is bound to make even more money even though he obviously doesn't deserve it.

Let us take a moment to mourn the loss of another first round pick and wish him good luck somewhere else. Here are 5 players I would gladly trade him for.

1. Joffrey Lupul - 4.25M (17GP 4G 4A)

Ducks' GM Bob Murray seems to be on Gauthier's FAV5 as both Lapierre and Chipchura were recently traded to Orange County. Lupul is another underachieving, injury-prone winger but would be a good fit on a line with Cammy and Plekanec. He's Canadian and has shown he can score goals consistently. I think one of the big issues with Andrei is that he doesn't communicate with his teammates all that well, since he doesn't seem to speak much english. Having a fellow english-speaker on that line would be a better fit.

2. Brad Boyes - 4M (41GP 9G 14A)

The Blues are sitting 3 points out of a playoffs spot in the West and from the looks of it will either barely make it in or not at all. Boyes is a former 40 goal scorer who's been hot and cold in recent years, but it's hard to blossom offensively on a defensive team like the St-Louis Blues. A trip on the Cammy-Pleks line could change all that for Boyes.

3. Patric Hornqvist - 3.03M (39GP 13G 10A)

Hornqvist is having a decent season for the Preds considering he's the 2nd scoring leader on the team behind Shea Weber. He hit the 30 goal mark last year and is a hard worker. The trade would also reunite the K brothers together; everybody wins.

4. RJ Umberger - 3.75M (43GP 14G 15A)

Umberger is a power-forward who did irreparable damage to the Habs a few seasons back in the playoffs. The Blue Jackets aren't going anywhere (again), so they may be willing to wheel and deal and take a chance on Andrei.

5. Devin Setoguchi (35GP 7G 5A)

Other players or picks would obviously have to come the Habs way (Seto is having a horrible season and is RFA at the end of the year) but Devin seems like the kind of player who could benefit from a change of scenery. Is he another Johnny Cheechoo? Time will tell, but he's only 24.


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I can never get over who they overlooked at the draft in 03... it's completely ridiculous. But like you said, nothing we can do about that now.

As for the players, I feel like all of them are either just as inconsistent as AK46 or too good to trade for straight up (meaning we'd have to give up a little more than many would be comfortable with). Honestly I'd have no problem seeing any of those players in a Habs uniform. But you're definitely right... as far as I'm concerned AK is done in Montreal and I'm sick of dealing with his inconsistency.

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RJ Umberger shouldn't be on this list. Not cause he wouldn't fit in Montreal, I love this guy, but theres no chance this trade can happen. It's apples and oranges on this one, RJ is a freakin FIERCE competitor. Not a player that would be moved, in hopes of a long shot.
AK46 plus some draft or another player for RJ IMO. He's by far the best player on this fav 5 list.

Either way, trade him for nothing. I don't want anything to do with an under-achieving Russian at arbitration. BAD NEWS all over!

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I never said those deals were one for one. Picks would have to come the other way in some of those deals

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I re-read my post.. didnt mean to sound that direct lol.
i just love RJ umberger. hahaha

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I like anyone on that list except for lupul, not a fan and dont think he would fit with us. I would prefer either hornquivst or setoguchi but all in all easily umberger is the best fit for all the habs needs (physicality, scoring and grit).

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Slats: I tell you what Gaines; I love the guy but he isn't happy with his playing time right now. I'm willing to give you Drury for both Kostitsyn brothers!
Gauthier: Uh Glen, Gainey doesn't work here anymore. This is Pierre Gauthier and we only have on of the Kostitsyn brothers.
Slats: Damn! I tried attracting Marian Hossa to NYC by giving his scrub of a brother Marcel a job and that didn't work either. I need the type of chemistry only brothers have. Shero won't trade with me and Rutherford won't listen on Eric Staal. Maybe I should just keep Drury. I wonder what Ted Drury is doing these days?
Gauthier: Yeah Glen, why don't you call Ted and see what he's up to. (CLICK)

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i like anybody on the list, its sad to say but its true, ak 46 is on his way out. sources are saying that after the game wednesday, gautier slipped a ward over to his understudies about time running out for kosty.

this is to prax, during the 03 draft, people were all baffled that the habs got him when they did, we weren't the only ones that missed the boat on geztlaf and company. alot of people were eyeing AK46, that year and he was spoken highly by alot of anylist before being drafted.

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Glen you better be careful or someone's going to catch you wiretapping Sather's phone one of these days Tongue

And Eric, there were MANY concerns about Kostitsyns at the draft. His epilepsy, and where he comes from, for instance. He probably has the more raw talent out of that entire draft pool, but like you said, people expected him to go even higher. Gotta wonder what 9 other GMs knew in 2003... I always liked Kostitsyn's talent and size, but the fact is that even in 2003, he didn't fit the needs of the Canadiens. They needed big defensemen, and they needed big centers, and guess what? They still have that need today. I try not to dwell on it too much because there's nothing that can be done about it now, but it's still frustrating. This is what draft people are paid to do and they squandered their pick in one of the best drafts ever.

Either way he needs to go now.

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It's funny because basically everyone in the top 25 in that draft is now a star player, except for a few bad apples like Andrei K.

And by funny I mean it makes me want to blow my brains out.

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Those are all great picks, but imo Habs should push hard for Voracek before all else, hes the ideal player for MTL right now.

I'd keep Leblanc, Tinordi, Eller, Subban, Cammalleri, Plekanec, Price off limits, but picks, and dare i say it..Kristo are all available.

Voracek for a 1st in 2013, Kristo and Kostitsyn might get you the first line winger you've been looking for.

Also Judging by the ownership change, it seems the Sabres are about to be rebuilt, and I'd make a strong pitch for Jason Pominville.

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Well you made up for it with Halak in the 9th round.

Go look at who the Rangers took in the first round.