The Scapegoat

Another pre-season loss; another one blamed on Carey Price.

I watched the highlights of the 6-2 Ottawa win, and it's hard to blame any of the goals on the 23 year old goalie. Sure, Spezza's first goal was suspect, but it was a great shot at an unexpected time. Great players make tricky shots; it's just going to happen.

All of the other goals were from defensive breakdowns. I blame Team A's porous defense. It's like sweet cheese but doesn't leave a delicious taste in my mouth. Spacek ain't no PK Subban. The only goal that Price let in that I would consider his fault was the one Nathan Horton sniped through in the Bruins game. That leaves 9 other goals resulting of bad defense or plain bad luck (deflections, hey).

If this keeps happening, it's going to be last year all over again.

Price was good throughout the season but had the team collapse repeatedly in front of him. You can't have a .912 save %, 2.77 GAA and go 13-20-5 for the season without a horrible defense in front of you. Roberto Luongo had a .913 save % last year and went 40-22-4. Enough said.

I don't know why the team sucks in front of Price, but it just does. It did last year and so far it has sucked in the pre-season this year.