Heatley & Marchand Disciplinary Hearings

With both Dany Heatley and Brad Marchand set to have disciplinary hearings with the NHL this week, we thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to give our brand new, german-made, NHL Disciplinary Hearing Simulator a spin. This is the result:

Call One:

Dany Heatley: Hello?

Colin Campbell: Hi, may I speak to the man of the house?

Dany Heatley: This is he. Who is this?

Colin Campbell: Dany? It's Colin.

Dany Heatley: Who?

Colin Campbell: Campbell.

Dany Heatley: I don't recall.

Colin Campbell: The NHL head of discipline.

Dany Heatley: There's no such thing!

Colin Campbell: Hahahaha you got me there.

Dany Heatley: Haha, what's up Colin?

Colin Campbell: So yeah I saw the elbow last night.

Dany Heatley: Yeah... I was just trying to finish my check man. Steve Ott's face got in the way of my elbow. Accidental
Colin Campbell: I know... And as far as I'm concerned it was a good hockey play... But the media's on my ass... I gotta do something.

Dany Heatley: Come on man... I'm already having a sub-par season... Barely breaking the 20 goal plateau... If I miss games due to suspension... I might cry man... Ask for a trade even.

Colin Campbell: Don't do anything stupid Dany... We'll figure this out. How's one game?

Dany Heatley: Yeah that's not too bad I guess. I'll take it.

Colin Campbell: Alright. One game it is. Also tell Joe to stop being a hater, not cool.

Call Two:

Gregory Campbell: Hi dad!

Colin Campbell: Hey Greg! How you doin son?

Gregory Campbell: Not bad, not bad. What's up? Did I get in trouble again?

Colin Campbell: No, no, nothing like that. I just want to talk to Brad a bit. Is he around?

Gregory Campbell: Yeah he's right here. Hold on. Ok you're on speaker phone, we can hear you.

Colin Campbell: Hey Brad!

Brad Marchand: Hey!

Colin Campbell: So Brad, how's life?

Brad Marchand: Pretty good mister Campbell. We're playing NHL 11, chilling.

Colin Campbell: Good, good. Just calling to let you know there will be no suspension for the hockey play on RJ Umberger. Part of the game.

Brad Marchand: To be fair I did clip him with my elbow a little... I guess I do deserve a suspe...

Colin Campbell: Non-sense. Accidental contact. Part of the game. I was just calling to see how you boys were doing. It's a tough job, just want to make sure you guys have everything you need. Got any plans for tonight?

Brad Marchand: Not sure yet, we were maybe going to catch a movie.

Colin Campbell: How's dinner at the house sound? Say 7 o'clock? I'll tell your mom.

Brad Marchand: Greg says he's in!

Colin Campbell: Beauty. Keep it going boys!


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lmao great stuff.

Marchand hit is in the forums. Just saw the Heatley elbow and it's pretty bad:


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lmao, nice job