Pre-season is serious business

I've been watching some preseason games... well those that were on TV anyway.

Is it just me or does no one seem to care about preseason anymore? From what I could remember it used to be a bigger deal for younger players.

The young Habs sure don't seem to care much. I haven't seen much fire from anyone yet, except perhaps from David Desharnais (who's amazing, too bad he's 4'5).

Jaroslav Halak has been the most solid bleu-blanc-rouge 'tender. Anyone surprised? Didn't think so. When will he get a chance to shine? Poor guy has been labeled a #2 since... well since forever. Habs' management seem to be testing Sanford in pre-season games so far... If he looks the part, will they package Halak and a defenseman for a top6 forward? I would.

Patrice Bergeron was flying out there last night. Is he finally back to 100%? He'll need to be better now that Kessel is a Leaf.

Speaking of Kessel, how good is the Leaf's offense going to be this year? Hard to tell, really. I don't understand why everybody is questioning the Leafs' offense when the biggest problem last year was their defense. They actually scored a lot more goals than people give them credit for. Now that they're infinitely better on defense and goal, look for the Leafs to do some damage.

The Vancouver Canucks are now undefeated in pre-season (I think - didn't bother to verify this claim). That won't be the case in the regular season. Some people, Eklund included, have labeled the 'Nucks "much improved" since last year. Did I read that right? They lost Ohlund (replaced with Erhoff - a wash), lost Sundin (replaced by Samuelsson... lol) and re-signed the Twins and Bobby Lou. Snore. How are they much improved, let alone improved at all? Not the first stupid thing Eklund has said... and certainly not the last.

I can't wait for the regular season to start, when players are actually trying and teams don't have AHL rosters (except the Leafs and Thrashers).