Upsets-A-Plenty & A Word On Alex Tanguay

Interestingly, every team I picked to win their series lost their opening game last night, including the San Jose Sharks.

I'm not sure why I would even bet on the Sharks to win any playoff series at this point. They played flat and uninspired; typical of their recent playoff performances. Joe Thornton was once again nowhere to be found on the scoresheet when it mattered. Sure, he won the gold with Canada, but had only 2 assists in the whole tournament.

Expect more of the same from No-Show Joe.

Pens vs Sens

A less-than-stellar performance by MA Fleury propelled the gritty Sens to a 1-0 series lead last night. Not to take anything away from the Sens who dominated the Pens at even strenght, though.

Fleury will bounce back as he often does. Pens take the next one, guaranteed.

Devils vs Flyers

Flyers dominated the season series and kept their streak alive last night. Brian Boucher won his first playoff game since 2000! Interesting. The Flyers won with only 14 shots on goal... You have to believe it will take a better effort to win this series. Kovalchuk looked possessed with a few impressive moves and chances... It's going to go in eventually.

Coyotes vs Red Wings

My friend from the Detroit area told me a hard forecheck is key against an aging Detroit defense. Sure seemed true last night as the Coyotes battled hard to win their playoff home opener. Don't expect the Phoenix powerplay to remain this hot, though.

Alex Tanguay just had his worst statistical season ever, scoring 10 goals and 37 points.

At 30 years old, I believe he still has some good years left in him. He is a gifted playmaker and a good skater with great vision. If I were Pierre Gauthier, I would try to ink him to a 2-3 year contract this summer for less than 2M per year. After the season he has had (on a contract year, too), he is in no position to ask for a lot of money and could definitely be had for cheap. He loved playing in Montreal and wanted to be back; only didn't get a contract offer last summer (for obscure reasons).