Sidney Crosby's Viral Stickwork - Fact or Fiction?

Throughout his distinguished hockey career, Sidney Crosby has showcased his ability to single-handedly lead his team to victory with skill, grace and astounding finesse. This week, he has single-handedly sent the blogosphere and internet alike into a frenzy with a series of videos in which he casually performs staggering on-ice "trick shots", the likes of which most would consider impossible (and as some may agree, probably is, and could simply just be a marketing ploy). Nevertheless, it certainly gives you some food for thought.

Available to view on Reebok Hockey's YouTube channel, there are two videos in which "Sid the Kid" shows off his seemingly inconceivable strength and accuracy on the ice. In the first video, Crosby dazzles viewers by moving a net attached to only one peg in the ice up and onto the other peg using only his slap shot, followed by a firing a puck directly at a cameraman's lens, the arena glass the only thing saving the camera from a certain demise.

In the second video, a pyramid structure composed of approximately 30 pucks has been constructed along the boards in front of one of the arena's benches. Without hesitation, #87 proceeds to launch a perfectly-placed wristshot directly at the top puck, sending it flying into the bench while the rest of the makeshift pyramid remains untouched. The next highest puck is sent off in the same manner on the next shot, and although he misses hitting the 3rd puck afterward, Crosby is clearly undeterred - propelling a rocket-like shot directly at the center of the remaining pucks, crumbling the structure, and sending a lone puck rolling along perfectly down the side of the boards, before he rifles off another bullet to strike down that target as well. Ever so modest, he simply shrugs and skates off, seemingly oblivious to the ludicrous skill he possesses.

So with all of that in mind, you be the judge. Are these stunts fact, or fiction?

VIDEO #1 - "Sidney Crosby Testing Out His New Stick":
VIDEO #2 - "Sidney Crosby Pyramid Trick":


George Prax's picture

That's definitely real in my opinion. I've seen crazier things with pucks with guys like Kovalev and Cammalleri, and Crosby has one of the best releases in the league. Good stuff.

Patrick Storto's picture

not going to lie, that first video made me duck at the end.

michelleinns's picture

I don't believe Crosby would ever "trick" people into thinking he could do something,if he couldn't.
It may have taken days to get the shots but I don't think he would ever allow children who idolize him see him doing something dishonest.