Wings Put Out The Flames With A Win In Calgary

Yes, the title was an intended, unoriginal, funny pun. The Detroit Red Wings did "put out" the Flames and got back on track with their victory over Calgary!

First Period: The first period seemed to contain more physical play by Calgary. Jackman and Commodore both received a five minute penalty for fighting with four minutes left in the first. The fight was started because of a hip hit from Commodore to Jackman. But that wasn’t the beginning of the physical hits between the two teams, especially on Calgary’s part. It definitely was a good first period for the team, which is not always the best away. It took about six minutes for Emmerton to score for the Wings. The Wings ended the period with a 1 to 0 lead over Calgary. SOG: 11 Detroit vs 6 Calgary.

Second Period: The period began with a quick penalty to Bertuzzi for interference. Calgary’s Cammalleri scored a power-play goal close to the end of the Bertuzzi penalty. The Wings definitely did not play as well in the second as they did in the first. Calgary was up in hits 14 to 5 by the end of the second, and dominated in shots on goal. Detroit only got four shots on goal during the entire second period. The period ended at a 1 to 1 tie. SOG: 19 Calgary vs 15 Detroit.

Third Period: The Wings started the period off better, with a stronger forecheck like in the first period. Both teams were fighting for the puck for the first ten minutes, and right when the Wings started to get a little sloppy, Hudler scored with 8 minutes left in the third. It was a great pass from Filppula that set up Hudler’s goal. After a series of penalties, the Wings were back to full strength and then scored! Miller scored a beautiful goal from the crease because a great pass from Cleary. The Wings ended the game with a 3 to 1 win against Calgary. SOG: 29 Calgary vs 25 Detroit.

The Wings definitely did not play bad, but it wasn’t their best playing. They did not lead in shots on goal or in hits, but they had a strong first period which isn’t always the way the Wings start. It was a refreshing change, but the Wings did not keep the drive they had in the first. It would be nice to see the Wings stay more consistent throughout the entire game and strengthen their power play. That might help them get farther in the playoffs.

A side note, the rememberance video for Brad McCrimmon at the start of the game was really cool, definitely nice to honor a great man and seemed to mean a lot to the family.

Jim Howard was rock solid as always, even after a working weekend in the All-Star events; which were awesome if you did not get the chance to check them. 

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Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

It didn;t look that easy of a win to me lol. The Flames had a bunch of chances and Sutter said they just couldn't hit the net. When you outshoot the Red Wings though, you did something right. Gotta give props to Filppula's pass to Hudler, what a slick set of hands he's got this year. Off the net right on the tape? Filthy!

Rachel Bellono's picture

I thought they didn't play as well as they could have, which made it not as easy of a win. The Wings did not have a solid second period. The Flames had a bunch of shots on goal and chances due to our inconsistent playing. Thankfully for Howard, only one went in. Filppula's pass was awesome, I think he has really stepped it up this season.