Live Blog From Nassau Coliseum: Isles vs. Blackhawks (Plus Possible Trade Rumors)

With the exception of the Stanley Cup playoffs, this time of year is without a doubt the most fun time of the season for any hockey fan and/or blogger. Although those games are intense and fun to watch, the anticipation involved in deadline deals and rumor swapping on the web is filled up with so much hype and intrigue that many fans consider it a personal holiday.

So far the Islanders have dealt the 6'6 defenseman, Andy Sutton to the Ottawa Senators for a 2nd round pick. Like the Comrie/Campoli deal, the pick involved was originally San Jose's, making this a late second round selection.

However, fellow blogger B.D. Gallof has been on the ball today, tweeting updates all afternoon that have had me doing circles. According to B.D., the Islanders are most likely going to move Dwayne Roloson with the Flyers having the most interest. It's even been stated by Islanders Point Blank blogger, Chris Botta, that Roloson is at the top of the Flyers' list. However, several other teams have inquired about Roly, including the Chicago Blackhawks.

B.D. also tweeted that Richard Park has attracted some interest as well as a player that is under contract that the Isles may not want to part ways with.

As you can see, the next 22 1/2 hours are going to be incredibly fun to monitor and I cannot wait to get to the game tonight. As I cover the Isles/Hawks game, (with the Blackhawks being one of my favorite young NHL teams to watch - I always use them in NHL 2010), I will be adding all possible Islander rumors that I hear or read throughout the night.

The puck drops around 7:05 PM, so be sure to check back here during the game for plenty of hockey conversation!

First Period

20:00 - Sorry for the delay everyone. I was having some technical troubles with connecting to the Internet but now I am finally set up. Bergenheim is NOT playing tonight and is a healthy scratch. Jon Sim is dressed in his place. The fun already begins.

17:45 - Roloson is in net and already has made some key saves. Shots are 5-0 Chicago.

16:36 - Isles get their first shot on net from Frans Nielsen.

14:16 - Shots are now 6-3. the Hawks are wearing their old-school black jerseys with the Isles in white. The lines are as follows: Bailey-Tavares-Okposo, Moulson-Nielsen-Hunter, Comeau-Schremp-Jackman, Sim-Weight-Park with Streit-MacDonald, Gervais-Hillen, and Meyer-Kohn on defense. Both Hillen and Jackman are wearing full cages. It's great to see them both back out on the ice.

13:30 - B.D. Gallof keeps up his great work on Twitter. A rumor is going around that the Blackhawks want to trade for Bergenheim along with Roloson in a deal that would involve the Isles picking up Huet along with their first round pick. Not sure how I feel about that.

12:00 - Roloson continues to shine in this game having made 10 saves already. The Isles still only have three shots.

11:03 - Byfuglien causing havoc in front of the crease. Roloson manages to withstand the hacks and pokes.

9:16 - And the Hawks score with their 16th shot of the period. Roly made the inital save but Brian Campbell was just cruising by the crease to bang the puck home with ease. 1-0 Blackhawks. Silver medalist Patrick Kane gets the assist.

7:44 - And with the Islanders 5th shot of the period, Blake Comeau scores to tie the game at 1 after stealing a pass from a Hawks defenseman in the corner.

7:26 - Park goes to the box with a slashing minor. Isles to the PK for the first time this game.

-Not surprised to see that Bergenheim may be dealt by 3PM tomorrow. A few weeks back I wrote a blog that Bergenheim, as well as Tambellini, Gervais and Comeau may be four young guys that may be on the block. Comeau, however, has been playing much better hockey. His goal tonight is an example as well as the way he was playing before the start of the Olympic break.

-Schremp got the assist on Comeau's 10th goal of the season.

6:41 - Patrick Kane with a slick wrap-around after re-directing a shot by Duncan Keith wide beats Roloson on the far-side to make this a 2-1 hockey game in favor of the Hawks. Toews gets the other assist.

5:29 - It was mentioned earlier tonight on Twitter by B.D. Gallof that an Eastern Conference team inquired about Trent Hunter but the Isles are not sure if they want to deal him as they feel he is a top-six forward.

4:32 - Fans are getting restless as the Isles look like sitting ducks as the Hawks just fly all over the ice. No...that was not a Might Ducks movie pun.

3:44 - Wow...shots are 22-6 in favor of the Hawks. Roloson is proving his worth and the game isn't even 20 minutes old.

04.2 - The Isles will have one final face-off in the attacking zone after getting a few shots before the end of the period. Right now shots are 22-9 for the Hawks.

00:0 - And that's how the period ends. Same shot count and the Blackhawks leading the Isles into the dressing room with a 2-1 lead.

Second Period

20:00 - Isles start off the period with a few hits, notably Trent Hunter on Brent Seakbrook behind the Chicago net.

17:53 - Play stops due to a high stick by the Hawks. Shots are 24-10 still in favor of Chicago. It's going to take a very impressive second period by the Isles to get back in this game.

17:33 - And Blake Comeau scores his second of the game to tie it at 2 a piece. Schremp attempted a beautiful back-hand pass through the crease that missed Tim Jackman but found Comeau who sniped it over Niemi's shoulder.

17:08 - And just like that ladies and gentleman the Islanders have taken the lead! Richard Park fired one from the lower half of the right face-off dot and Jon Sim slammed the rebound home. Niemi is taking a seat and Huet is now standing between the pipes. Roloson vs. Huet, how freakin interesting can it get?

15:48 - The arena announcer finally has a chance to announce the goal. Streit got the other assist on Comeau's goal. The Isles are starting to buzz right now. Shots are 24-14.

13:54 - Sim's goal was just adjusted. Kohn gets an assist as well as Richard Park.

12:54 - Wowwwww....Richard Park literally just blasted a shot that beat's Huet glove side. What a freakin' shot. This game is now 4-2 in favor of the Isles.

11:43 - Moulson and MacDonald get the assists on Park's slapper.

10:13 - Roloson has been showcasing himself tonight with a good performance with half the game played. Huet has a bit of catch-up to play if the Isles are seriously considering absorbing his contract.

9:26 - Fellow blogger Mike Schurlein from The Bleacher Report just looked up Comeau's last few games. Not only is this his second consecutive multi-goal game, but he has now scored 5 goals in his last three games played. Like I said, he is showing that he deserves to remain an Islander. Bergenheim, on the other hand, cannot have the same thing said for him. And Tambellini, well...his consecutive healthy scratches say it all.

7:53 - Park goes to the sin bin with his second minor of the game. This one is for a trip.

5:12 - Isles with a very effective kill. Score remains the same and the shots are 26-18 Hawks.

57.9 - Isles are closing the period in their zone after having a strong second period. However, the second period this year has not been the problem for the Isles. It's coming out strong in the third. For those of you that remember, they embarassed themselves on Valentine's day by letting up three unanswered goals in the third period to lose 4-3 to the Ottawa Senators.

17.3 - Blake Comeau scores his first career hat trick! The hats are flying all over the ice well as the ridiculous P.C. Richard's dolls that were handed out at the start of the game. Make that a 5-2 lead for the Isles heading into the third period.

-Assists are announced to Streit and MacDonald with the assists. Both defenseman now have multi-point games as Comeau scores his career high 12th goal of the season. Fans, please stop throwing these stupid dolls on the ice.

00:0 - Isles manage to get 11 shots on goal in the second and the Hawks had 8 for a total of 30-20 in favor of Chicago. Fellow blogger Ken Dick, Mike and myself debate if trading Roloson is really worth it..

If Biron was in net this game would likely be a lot closer than it is. And if DP was in net it sure as hell would have been closer considering he has been struggling to return to form since he is still fresh off of his injury. If the Isles are going to make the playoffs, they would not have a very impressive goaltending tandem. However, Huet would help that matter, but that is if the Isles make this potential trade.

Playoffs? Or gaining another first round pick and hoping Biron and DP can carry the load? Of course it's up to Garth, but what do you think should be done?

Mull it over in between periods as I scarf down a pretzel and beer. The third period is up in about 15 minutes and that's where the real test lies for the Isles tonight.

Third Period

20:00 - Opening the period to Rise Against always makes me happy every game...and a different song each time too!

16:56 - Roloson kicks aside a 2-on-1 rush and literally just stopped Hossa with a point blank chance in front.

15:35 - The Hawks are buzzing but so far have only met Roly's pads and the pipes that surround him. The Isles clear without icing the puck and get a much needed line change.

14:40 - Okposo drives hard to the net and instead of pulling the puck to his forehand, while having a defender harrass him from behind, he pokes it on his backhand but Huet smuggles the puck before there were any rebound opportunities for Tavares or Bailey.

12:44 - Sim gets taken down by a two-hand grab right in front of the ref as the Isles were hacking away at the pick but the call was missed since the ref almost got hit too.

12:16 - The puck literally just rolled along the goal line and was smacked away at just the last second. This game has the crowd on the edge of their feet as the Isles escape without letting up a goal. Shots are 35-23 Hawks.

11:13 - There was a change to the fourth goal scored by the Isles. The assist was taken away from MacDonald and given to the captain, Doug Weight.

9:46 - The Hawks continued to apply an immense amount of pressure. Hits were thrown from both ends of the ice and Roloson has literally been standing on his head to keep the Isles within reach of a victory. On the last play a shot hit Roloson up high and trickled between his legs and over the goal line but was immediately waved off by the official since Eager was in the crease and charged with goaltender interference. No penalty on the play, but the goal is disallowed and a face-off will ensue.

9:07 - I love the Snooki cam. The girls get so offended. But when they introduced The Situation cam just a few seconds ago, the guy shrugs his shoulders as if it's something to be proud way in hell, pal! The Jersey Shore are filled with a bunch of idiots!

8:19 - Roloson robs Hossa in front with his 38th save of the evening. Trade value is going up and up and up.

6:00 - The lead right now is a great sign and something I won't complain about, but John Tavares has hardly been noticable on the ice tonight.

4:39 - Okposo does a good job of back-checking on the rush to prevent a Blackhawks goal but managed to take a holding penalty at the same time. 2 minutes to the box for KO.

4:17 - Byfuglien scores after Toews sets him up with a nice feed from behind the net. The game is now 5-3 in favor of the Islanders.

2:42 - Face-off in the Islanders zone with the shots 41-23 in favor of the Hawks. The Isles lead this game despite almost being out-shot to a 2-1 margin. Roly the goalie has been sharp.

2:33 - Time-out, Islanders.

1:42 - Trent Hunter just hit the post on an empty net from the six forward?

38.0 - Roloson keeps the Hawks out of this game and shows some stellar goaltending...and some nerve wracking goaltending at the same time.

00:0 - And the game ends in favor of the New York Islanders with a solid 5-3 win. After coming out flat in the first the Isles rebounded with a strong second period and were able to withstand tons of pressure from Chicago in the final twenty minutes. Thanks for stopping by, and if I have any major news to report in the next few hours I will do so as soon as possible!

-Rob McGowan

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