Grabovski re-signs, Leafs fans exhale


Mikhail Grabovski has signed a five-year contract extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

His cap-hit will be $5.5-million, making him the Leafs’ highest-paid forward---that is, until Phil Kessel signs an extension. The cap-hit ranks him 36th amongst forwards, tied with Shawn Horcoff. As a comparable, some of the players that make within $250-thousand more or less than Grabovski are:

Shawn Horcoff

32 points


.49 PPG

Martin St-Louis

61 points


1.02 PPG

Mike Richards

34 points


.60 PPG

Corey Perry

54 points


.81 PPG

Ryan Getzlaf

45 points


.67 PPG

Jason Pominville

59 points


.89 PPG

Marian Hossa

64 points


.97 PPG

Jeff Carter

27 points


.63 PPG


Consider that a lot of these players have signed their contracts years ago and the market has changed since then. So it's unreasonable to compare Perry or Getzlaf to Grabovski in terms of expectations. That said, Grabovski places in the middle of the pack on the chart above, which is a good sign. He's second in +/-, which is indicative of his play, but I generally find that stat unreliable.

Grabovski has 45 points, which is a 63-point pace over an 82-game season, is a +7 and has a points-per-game ratio of .76. Grabovski also leads the Leafs in *On-Ice Corsi (measures goals + saves + missed shots + blocks) with a 9.50 rating. The Leafs simply couldn’t afford to let its most talented center test free agency, and while the dollar figure isn’t a discount by any stretch, it’s a fair price to pay considering what he brings to the table (no other Leafs forward can drive possession like Grabovski).

It’s also important to consider that the free agent market is thin this summer and a two-way center such as Grabovski would have been signed for an identical cap-hit, if not more.

If the Leafs’ goal is to make the playoffs, relinquishing its workhorse would have been a mistake.

You stay classy, TCL.

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*Advanced statistics retrieved from


George Prax's picture

I think it's a tad too much for Grabovski, regardless of the players around him who, as you said, mostly signed their contracts prior to this one, but he would have likely gotten this much on the open market so no one should really complain. It's less than Plekanec, which makes sense from my perspective. He's been good since becoming a Leaf, but there should be a slight concern that the effort level might drop off now that he has a huge contract. Still, even as a Habs fan, this deal is pretty good, and about par for the type of player he is, even as a second line center. Now, if only the leafs could get that first liner lol.