Avs can't Find Love at Home, Even with Varly Standing on his Head!




If Only Varly Could Score the Goals as Well...

Even after the Avs undefeated road trip, the Avs are still looking terrible at home intheir 3-1 loss to the visiting Hawks.  The Avs looked nothing like the team that was seen on the road, but it wasn't all terrible.  The Hawks had Corey Crawford to thank on the night as he came up big when he was needed.  On the other end, Avs goaltender Semyon Varlamov came up even bigger, but thanks to some defensive lapses, was left out to dry on two occassions (the third goal was an empty netter).  Varly's save reel included one of the greatest saves in this young season when he robbed Hawks Forward Kruger.  See the amazing save below



UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Varly's lateral movement is the best I have ever seen in the NHL!  Yes I say the best!  He has other parts of his game he must improve, which doesn't put him in the tops of goaltendings in general.  However, as far as lateral movement I have yet to see the speed and agility that Varly shows off when move side to side, already making numerous highlight reel saves from going side to side.  

The rest of the team really needs to step it up at home.  Some have said they blame the atmosphere at The Can, and even though it is pretty stale at times, and The Can is one of the few arenas that have not updated their jumbo trons to a large HD screen.  If you ever come to a game here, it just isn't as bright as other arenas thanks to this outdated feature.  They need to update it, and we the fans need to bring our A game to show support.  We will see what happens when they return to home next week.  For now the Avs get a chance at revenge when they play the Hawks in Chicago tomorrow night.  Until then, the Avs have to live with staying winless at home.  

Here's to the continued success on the road!