Avs Captain Adam Foote Announces his retirement

Avs Adam Foote is calling an end to his 20 year career

The Avs will be losing another captain this week, as Adam Foote will officially announce his retirement on Friday morning.

No one knows if he might still play Sunday, but Foote has battled a leg injury all year, an injury that has most recently kept him out of the lineup the last ten games. Footer is the last remaining Nordique on the roster, and even though he left for two years with Columbus, he returned to the team that drafted him and was somewhat effective. It seemed that the new rules after the lockout really changed who Foote was as a player. Before, he was always the toughest battler in front on the net and in the corners. Foote was never really a fighter but he was a tough defensmen.

I remember when I first saw the Avs play, I was new to hockey and the team really interested me. But the biggest thing that caught my eye was Adam Foote, because as a young boy I thought his name was Foot-ee. Foote always worked hard, and deserved the C after Sakic, but his game didn't really translate well in the new NHL. He was a hollow player after the lockout.

It was sad losing Foote as a cap casualty, and it was a rough time for Avs fans after they lost Forsberg, Foote, and Blake all in one summer. All three players were terrible losses, but none bigger than Foote, because of what he meant to the franchise.

I was extremely happy when the Avs got Foote back from Columbus, but was also quite upset with how Columbus portrayed Foote in the trade and how their fans treated him as well.

The trade was simple; Foote wanted to go home. His career was almost over and all he wanted to do was return to the place he loved. But management in Columbus tried to portray Foote as the villian in the deal and so the fans followed. Foote is a standup family man, and having met him a few times I can say he is a class act. He will be missed and always remembered for his parts in both Stanley Cup wins. His jersey will be retired as he was a part of the core three players that came from Quebec and made this team what it was. Next years home opener will be great as I bet they will hold jersey ceremonies for both Foote and Forsberg, seeing how good of friends they are.

The team could make it an amazing night if they bring back Sakic and Forsberg for the event to close out the Nordiques contingent that was the basis for the Avs. I look forward to it and you can bet I will be in the crowd. Thanks for the memories Foot-ee!

Avs Notes:

Well the Avs are only a few points ahead of Edmonton, however it is looking more like they will just get the number 2 pick. They have however clinched no worse than a top 3 spot in the draft.

Now the question will be what this team will do in the offseason. Two of the biggest questions is who will be in the nets come next year, as well as will the Avs resign Thomas Fleischmann. If they don't resign him I will be very mad at management. It was obvious before the freak pulmonary embolism disease hit him that he and Duchene had something. We need him next year if we want to compete, this team healthy could really compete with a goalie and a couple of defensmen.


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Great player. He will be missed. Good write-up Russ.