Avs D continues terrible play in loss

The Avs continue to get hurt by terrible play by the defense, and last night against Vancouver was no difference in a 3-1 loss at Pepsi Center. If it wasn't for a great performance by Peter Budaj the Avs would have lost by at least six or seven goals. Budaj played very well, and I could find no blame for any of the three goals he allowed. The first was a terrible defensive play that left Kesler one on one with Budaj and he got sniped. The second a great play by a Sedin that took a puck that rebounded off the back boards and played it in off of Budaj and another player and in. The final one was a screened tip shot on the powerplay that found it way into the net as well.

On all three goals however the defense was completely out of position and they left Budaj out to dry tonight. Quincy looked bad on several plays where Budaj came up with big saves, and Liles was beat to a puck on one particular play that left Budaj with a breakaway save. Overall, the Avs are going to be killed this year with the way the defense is playing. The coach needs to do something, or go out and find someone who will.

One of the worst calls tonight was Sacco benching Duchene in the second. Rediculous when you are losing to bench someone like Duchene. I didn't feel like he was that much of a liability on defense, and he was benched just a few minutes after getting absolutely robbed by Schneider. Cory Schneider had a great night for the Canucks and kept his team ahead in a game they should have won handedly.

In the end the Avs lost a game they had no business even staying close in, and now they must regroup for a pretty good Dallas Stars team on Saturday. But if they are wanting to win the Avs need someone to step up and play some defense.


Ryan Wilson left the game with an injury and no timetable has been given as to when he will return. Avs players are dropping like flies yet again. So far the Avs don't have the services of: Adam Foote, Peter Mueller, Craig Anderson, Kyle Cumiskey, and now Ryan Wilson. With that the Avs may now have to call up yet another defenseman. In my eyes this might actually spark the team because the obvious player would be Colby Cohen, who I thought brought a lot to the powerplay during the preseason. If he could add a rocket shot to the point, I think the Avs would end up keeping him.


Kevin Shattenkirk made his debut tonight for the Avs and struggled getting used to the speed of the pro game it seemed. Also David Van Der Gulik scored the lone goal for the Avs and it was his first career goal. Congrats David!


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The Avs will be alright when they sort out their goaltending. Obviously the defense needs to be better too and as you said Budaj isn't really to blame but Anderson will hopefully just make them better like he did last year.

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Van Der Gulik representing the last wave of Chilliwack Chiefs! Yeeeeah!

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The thing is, go watch the highlights... Budaj stood on his head last night, don't think Anderson would have done any better.

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And as stated in my blog, the Avs have indeed recalled Colby Cohen to replace Wilson... Maybe this is the player that can help jump start the teams defense!!!