Avs fall yet again... but I'm fine with it...

Avs fall again to Preds 4-2

Well I haven't written a lot lately, because well there hasn't been much to write. The Avs continue their nose dive to the bottom of the standings and the reasons behind it are the same as they have been since it started. As a fan I want them to win, but I have not come to grips with being ok with the losses. The teams below the Avs are playing well and before we know it the Avs could have the number one pick in the draft. Playoffs are out of the question now and so the only thing to play for is that pick. Currently the Avs have added a few more players to the injury list including Paul Stastny and Milan Hejduk. So the scoring will more than likely completely dry up and this team has booked itself a first class ticket to the bottom.

It is ironic how right now the Craig Anderson trade is helping out the Avs more than people realize. Anderson has been read hot with the Senators who were several places below the Avs when the trade occurred. Well know because of Andy's play it looks like the Avs will get a higher draft pick than the Senators. So in essence that trade is a big win for the team. Yes I say big win because honestly this team is still rebuilding, and making the playoffs was not only a fluke, but a take on step forward take two back kinda season. Getting a top pick puts the Avs in the right direction for the next few years. Add to the fact that a lot of players will be getting healthy, the Avs could become contenders before we know it.

The biggest news for the team is the play of prospect Stefan Elliott. Now when people saw the Avs trade Shattenkirk away there was outrage that the Avs would give up on such a promising prospect. Well the Avs have plenty of guys who are just as good as Shatty and even better. Elliott is just one point shy of breaking the career point record for the WHL. He currently sits at 65 GP, 30 G, 48 A, and is a PLUS 52!!! This guy is the future of the offensive side of the D, and now the Avs have Johnson for the defensive side and the team is starting to look better and better on the back end. So the biggest thing the Avs will look to correct soon is goaltending.

With the Avs looking more and more likely that they will be getting a high draft pick, I will be putting out a blog soon that will look at the top 5 prospects for the upcoming draft to see what the possibilities are. Do they go offense? or continue to stabilize the back line with players like Hishon soon to break in. Only time will tell. Plus I will also be posting all the potential options the Avs will have between the nets. Until then, rooting for the Avs to continue there slide and secure that first pick!


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It does suck when your team doesn't inspire you to write much. I've been there with the Habs recently. But like you said it seems like they're on their way to a good pick and that's good. Just hope they don't squander it lol