Avs Find their Stride, is it Enough?

Avs Struggling, but get a Rare Win at Home

Well it has been quite a while since I posted and I do apologize if anyone has been missing me.  A lot going on in life has kept me pretty busy... anyway, on to the goods.

The Avs have been struggling quite a bit recently, especially at home.  It just doesn't seem like this team can put in a full effort for 60 minutes.  The team has put in some terrible efforts, some where the team scores but gets no defense or bad goaltending, Some where the defense or goalies play well and get no offense.  The Avs are a good team, I don't doubt it.  My questions as to why the team isn't playing well centers on the coaching staff.  Coach Sacco changes lines more than any coach I can recall thinking that maybe a line will click and the team will win.  The thing is, if it doesn't immediately work, he changes it.  No chance for any chemistry to build... that is not ok!

Avs Lay it on a Future Hall of Famer

As for tonight's big victory over the Devils, it was a complete game for 60 minutes with everyone contributing.  When the Avs get performing like they did tonight, or the road trip at the beginning of the season, the Avs could possibly be considered a top 5 team in this league.  Varlamov has been putting the performances in the nets the last four games allowing 2 goals or less in all 4 games.  He looks comfortable and relaxed and you can tell he is on his game.  Then there is the defense,  I want to give the most credit to the forwards who have been playing great D.  Stastny, tonight, had to game changing plays where he stopped easy goals from being scored.  It is something that isn't always recognized.

Then the offense tonight, every line and every player helped out and made plays.  Ryan O'Reilly is the best player on the Avs right now.  No player plays both sides of the puck like he does.  Combine that with his chemistry with Landeskog and you got quite the line.  Duchene is continuing to be that dangerous player every time he touches the puck, but Sacco can't seem to make a decision on who he wants to Duchene to pair up with.  Hopefully Mueller comes back soon to help Duchene out.

Finally, the rookies are coming through.  Stefan Elliott has 2 goals and 2 assists in his first three games as an Av.  This kid is for real, and the biggest reason the Avs went after Johnson using Shattenkirk as bait.  Elliott is and will be a better defenseman than Shattenkirk and even Liles was when he was there.  Landeskog continues to put in consistent performances night after night.  One thing people around the league won't really notice is how Landeskog plays both sides of the ice.  He may not get on the point sheet s much as RNH in Edmonton, but Landeskog does even more for the team than just score.

Overall a was a great win and the Avs need to harness this momentum and put some wins together before it is too late.

Class of 2009, Class of Gold

The 2009 draft may be one of the best a team has had and gotten such quick production from.  It definitely is the greatest draft in Avs history for good reason.  Sure Duchene was a no brainer when it came to sure things, but add in O'Reilly who is playing the best hockey on the team at 20, now Elliott joining the team and already contributing.  Three top caliber players, but the best is getting O'Reilly and Elliott in the late rounds is what makes it such an amazing draft and one that will effect this team for years to come.  Big hand to the Avs recruiting team on their selections and finds in that 2009 draft!