Avs find their winning ways against St. Louis

Shattenkirk's powerplay goal broke a tie and lead the Avs to a win!

It was a decent preformance by the Avs last night in a 4-3 win that was a lot closer than it should have been. THe one shock for the game was that all of the goals came from unlikely sources. Brandon Yip had two goals, Kevin Shattenkirk had one, and Ryan Stoa had the game winner. That's right, no goals for Duchene, Stastny, or Hejduk. But sometimes you have to have unlikely heroes in this league in order to succeed. Let's see if Stoa's goal will jump start a somewhat dissapointing career up to this point. But a win is a win and the Avs could be back on the right track.

I have no idea what is going on with the goaltending right now, but neither goalie is stepping up. Sure Budaj had a great save to perserve the win in the final seconds, but it was also the 14th straight game Budaj has allowed 3 or more goals. For some reason the team is just getting a lot more goals with Peter between the pipes than Andy. I will admit that Andy has been off his game recently and just looks awkward out their with the team. He isn't cutting his angles correctly and I have no idea why it is. With the way Sacco makes personel decisions, I have a feeling we will see Budaj for the next game. I think this is a wrong move because Budaj is a glorified backup and until Andy can get his groove back this team is going no where with Budaj playing. Andy however cannot get back in that groove unless the coach plays him. We will see, but I have a feeling this could get pretty bad here shortly.

For me the next game is a huge one for the Avs as they need to go into the break on a winning note. We will see if the team can step it up and find a way to force themselves into the playoffs. Honestly with this team, if they can just get into the playoffs I believe they could turn some heads with the style of play the team plays. The up tempo style along with the youth that the team has could help to upset some teams in the postseason. First step though is to make the playoffs... we will see if it will happen.


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Any update on Forsberg?

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Well he is still practicing with the Avs and saying he feels great. The Denver Post reported why he is feeling better. I guess he has a new foot brace that is finally keeping his foot in place and allowing him to play without any problems. We will see. Word is by the time the team gets back from the all-star break he will join the team officially.