Avs get shutout

Chicago celebrates one of their goals

Well obviously Avs fans can't blame Andy for the loss, seeing as he was on the bench to watch Budaj give up 3+ goals yet again. I really want to find out how many of Budaj's starts that he has given up more than 3 goals. The worse part was that he allowed 2 quick goals that I would consider bad on Budaj's part. That pretty much deflated the team and there was no way of winning after that. Budaj's play aside, the team just didn't come to play, and giving up two early goals shouldn't be an excuse. Oh and P.S. to fans, Budaj is actually having his worst statisitcal season, currently he holds a GAA of 3.12 (3 goals a game!) and a save percentage of .896. While Andy holds a GAA of 3.07 and a save percentage of .902. A lot of people have brought up statistics recently and even though Andy's aren't that much better, he is this teams starter and Sacco's choice to start Budaj two games in a row was wrong.

This team needs to find motivation right now. They just continue to play uninspired hockey this season with a few games strung in their that they play amazing. That amazing play really sets the bar and shows they are capable of being one of the best teams in the league. It is just super discouraging for fans knowing what this team can do and then seeing what they actually do most of the time.

Again I think the biggest issue on this team is the defense, and from What Adrian Dater from the Denver Post said through his Twitter, maybe the team is listening. As he wrote, last night there were 26 scouts in the audience. You have to think something is coming. I sure hope it is sooner than later because the Avs could be out of the hunt before we know it. The next game is huge and so is every single one here on out. We will see what this team is made of and who is going to step it up for the team. Good news for the Avs is that Chris Stewart could return for the next game. Maybe Stewie's return could spark this team and lead them to a great stretch run. My bet is that this couldn't have happened at a better time