Avs Improve, still lose

Elliott played well, but a bad bounce lost the game

The Avs have lost another game, but they did get one point in San Jose. Don't worry, the teams ahead and behind them in the standings got a point too. The game looked liked the Avs would get a win leading with only 3 minutes left in the game. But it was a lucky bounce that tied it for the Sharks and got them to overtime. From there Ryan Clowe put home the only shootout goal to lead San Jose to the 2-1 win.

Elliott had his best game only allowing less than 3 goals for the first time in the Avs last 19 games. Erik Johnson also looked great getting a nice goal in the third to give the Avs the lead. His wrister from the point was knuckler that fooled Niemi and beat him top shelf.

Elliott's game was sound and he looked pretty good, I will say all Avs fans are noticing one thing that I have as well: his glove hand is slow. He is very slow to react on glove shots, and there was a crossbar San Jose hit that beat him glove side with little movement. Assuming from the good performance, you can bet Elliott will start the next game, but you never know with Sacco.

The team as a whole looked better from every aspect and it will take an effort like that if the Avs want to get some wins... but do they want to get wins. Like I said in my last blog, the team would need a miracle to make the playoffs, so what is the point. A high draft pick is something the Avs need for their rebuild and I think just losing from here on out is the only solution. Especially with some of the top prospects like D-man Adam Larsson who draft gurus are comparing to Nick Lidstrom. I would absolutely love getting him, think EJ and Larsson. That would put the Avs in the right direction. We will have to see though, still a decent amount of hockey left. Just going to enjoy it as a fan and if we lose, meh, if we win, woo!


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If you read my, real Anderson Story... It wasn't the Avs choice. The Avs moved Andy cause they offered him a 2 year 7.5 MIll contract that he refused to sign, so they knew he was walking this summer.

Elliott is meh, he won't stick around. The Avs will either have to trade for Bernier or Schneider this summer or go after Vokoun, but we will see what happens.

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So you are telling me that the best they could get for Anderson was Brian Elliott??? I find that hard to believe that if the reason they were dealing him because he wasnt going to sign, that they wouldve tried to get a prospect or something instead of a worse goaltender. Sherman's move was bizarre if not insane.

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It was a bizarre move in my mind, however I do believe that he did it just to get something as a possible solution. Who knows, Elliott could go on a tear and make a point to be the starter. The trade really just allows for another goalie to try and get the starting job, and if not the Avs go after someone in the off-season.

I have a feeling the Avs may go after Vokoun, I was surprised to hear the Rangers were going after him for a 3rd round pick, wish the Avs could have sent Anderson that way along with a pick to try Vokoun, but I also think this season is over anyway so it made no sense when we could get Vokoun for nothing this summer.